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Challenge 2021 - Map and Pictures ONLY


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    • By Hoggs
      Well 2020 a bit pants in a lot of ways but some of you still did a fine job going and finding tags! 
      There will be  2021 version hurray! 
      So for those who don't know... how does this thing work?
      First job: Sign up here - pick a unique number of 3 digits or less, first come first served. Same number, different number, I don't care. Post below with your request and you will get added to this post.
      The list of awesome will be posted up on the evening of the 31st but entries will not be accepted before the 1st.
      You will be required to take a picture of you in bike gear / your bike with your number visible in front of the location and post in the relevant picture thread (THIS DOESN'T EXIST JUST YET...) to score points. 
      You will get 10 points per picture, Rennie was sad about the bonus point system and to be fair I am so flakey he will probably end up doing stuff so it's a straight 10 points per picture no completion bonuses but I will probably throw some more tags in to make up for it.
      As before if you can name your pictures with the tag reference that makes my Rennie's life easier (most of you did as you are more organised than me, failure to do so will result in angry mods).
      Like a Christmas miracle the map link will appear after dark on the 31st December.
      As usual there will be a discussion thread for you to argue with me in 
      And a seperare picture thread will also appear soon.
      As usual no prizes for the most points other than being smug on the internet and having a lot of fun out there on your bikes which is what it's all about! 
      Grumpy Old Git - 1
      Charlie_580 - 3
      Stu - 5
      JRH - 9
      Throttled Jnr 19
      rennie - 24
      gymwitch -25
      Mickly - 35
      Husoi - 44
      Mike_Smith - 47
      Old Grump - 50
      Throttled - 54
      Trooper74 - 057
      Hoggs - 65
      Kepper96 - 67
      RupturedDuck - 70
      CBRider - 71
      Bonio - 77
      S-Westerly - 88
      Ian Frog-256
      RigsVille - 404
      Kessi the Muppet-551
      Paul Kent - 660 
      James in Brum - 787
      CB999 - 900
    • By Hoggs
      Please update your score in your profile. A handy list will also appear here. 
      To update your score go to the right and click on your username click edit profile then under your profile add your score under the "Challenge score" field
    • By Hoggs
      Have a question about the Tag Challenge? Ask here!
      Want to moan about the Tag Challenge? Do it elsewhere 😆😆
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