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Great Chieftain o’ the Puddin-race!


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35 minutes ago, Tiggie said:

Anything more heathen than drinking Bowmore from a branded Jack Daniels glass? :classic_biggrin:


Got it as a Christmas present years ago. The glass was nicer than the honey jack. That stuff was foul!!


Nope, that's definitely the most heathen thing I've ever seen. I am amazed you would own up to such an act.

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2 hours ago, Mississippi Bullfrog said:

I know it's all in the head but drinking from a nice cut glass whiskey tumbler does make it taste better.

Even better if the glass is crystal. :thumb: 


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3 hours ago, Bender said:

How's life as a parent going? 

It's going well thanks mate, we have her in a decent routine that suits her so it's pretty plain sailing apart from her occasional being fussy with her bottle but all in all a happy little girl 

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5 minutes ago, Bender said:

Routine is good, gives you a chance for the whisky tasting 😁 

It does though......I have cut down on the drinking alot I was drinking every night so have now just drink on a Friday and Saturday it was costing us a fortune 

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