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Technical Info
Length: 2m, 2.6, 3m or 4m
Width: 2.1m
Height: 2.1m
All flat packed units are 300mm high
All assembled units are 2093mm high




Bike Store

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Thanks David for sponsoring the forum. 


These look a good bit of kit 

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,Good ideas there. Would recommend the insulation kit or one of you own making in an all metal storage unit, ventilation too. Be interesting on the savings in insurance costs?


Can't go wrong  with a FREE survey!!

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      Club-discounted policies from Bikesure Insurance Services.

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      They come in 3 versions 2, 4 or 6 channels they are also magnetic which is a great feature as you can stick it anywhere then where as other versions with rods you have to hang them up straight.
      I have yet to try it out but on first impressions I am impressed.
      It runs off a 9v battery so no extra wiring either.




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      I have now set up an affiliate link to Sports Bike Shop so the forum will get commission if you use the links on the forum to purchase anything.
      This is to help with the forums running costs

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