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25th May, Ponderosa to Bala

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Setting off from the Ponderosa about 11-11.30am

Obviously this is weather dependant!

Maybe even carry on to Betws-y-coed.

Oh and for me this ride would start out from Macclesfield, so if there was one or two that needed meeting at the Cat & Fiddle first then thats no problem. :lol:

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thats cool mate . bring your cam , theres a fantastic spot for picks . An uphill 90% corner with on camber, shell grip too ....you just gotta see .

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Heads up for next week guys

heading to barmouth from Bala to the A5 brunstoms horse box was parking up with a blue range rover in front of it,as we had been tipped off at bala we kept our speed down but this still didnt stop us getting a tug

myself and 3 others got fixed penaltys today for small plates

irony is whilst recieving the tickets a car towing a caravan went past something hanging off the back making a right racket,the copper doing us said that doesnt sound to healthy does it :? and dont blame me im only doing my job we at nortrh wales police want you to be safe

hmm why not go after the bloomin caravan then :roll:

so dont forget plates cans and visors are at the top of road safty :lol:

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i must say im a bit gutted theres only a few riders turning up on this run .the run to the pondy is fantastic and the run to bala ext is one of the finest north wales rideouts you can get . Come on ladys and gents come and have a play in my back yard .

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not sure inviting peeps to come and play in your 'back yard' is gonna have the desired effect in an area where a sheep tied to a lamp post is the local leisure centre :lol:

but yeah it would be nice to see a few more peeps signing up

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looks like it will be a last minute decision for me so ill meet you guys at the Ponda if i'm coming,give us a clue how to recognise you all :lol:


i'm the only girl :D

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