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Would Druid, believe...

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1 hour ago, onesea said:

They want there stones back..




It will save us having to set them to BST every year.


I assume it was tongue in cheek. If not the correct answer  is "f**k off", other words added at your discretion 

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32 minutes ago, Slowlycatchymonkey said:

I don’t mind that roads a nightmare 😂

think they are building a new road there , dual carriage way to improve it.

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9 minutes ago, Six30 said:

think they are building a new road there , dual carriage way to improve it.

Thought they were planning a tunnel ? Especially now Swampy is occupied elsewhere burrowing under London protesting about HS2 (Another complete waste of money).



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Did not mean to start this going political, they are also trying to close the local byway..


If you want to visit Stonehenge my tip Park in Larkhill and walk in from there.  It’s not worth paying what they charge..


 The walk in from the north however is impressive.




The closure of Byway 12 to vehicular traffic
Background: English Heritage wants to close all Byway 12, 1/4 mile away from the Stones. This would force anyone in a vehicle to use the proposed English Heritage new official car park and road train at considerable cost (£10 +) which is to be sited 2 miles away. This restricts access to the stones for disabled people, photographers, and those for whom Stonehenge has religious significance and want to view the stones at odd times outside English Heritage controlled opening hours.
Far from preserving Heritage they are restricting it and milking the stones for cash. A public enquiry has been held and the inspector is due to report to the new secretary of state for transport, Justine Greening, as to whether byway 12 should be closed. 
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There are 3 large Sarcens at Boroughbridge...”The Devils Arrows” .... Blue stone from Wales ..... DPD must have been busy ....

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1 hour ago, Trooper74 said:

 DPD must have been busy ....

Lucky was not Hermes some would be at the wrong address and two off them we would still be waiting for...

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Other more ancient stone circles are available . I cycled here . Total silence and nobody there except a friendly cat . 


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