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My DAS experience

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<t>Will I pass my DAS on Wednesday?</t>  

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Now I know there is a sticky for this already and there have been quite a few of these threads, but I thought I would add my own so that people about to take their tests can get some more info on what to expect. Writing it up also allows me to reflect on what took place, and what I need to improve.

So I had my first full day of training today. The first half was on my 125, the second was on a GS 500. The morning session was delivered by the lady who I did my CBT with and there was another trainee also on a Varadero 125. the basic aim of the ride was to get to grips with observations, lifesavers, and road positioning. It went really well, I didn't have any major hiccups and enjoyed the ride. We went over some of the trouble points/junctions that are part of the test routes. I also had a chance to filter under instruction, which is extremely useful if you haven't done it before. Upon getting back, I was debriefed and told that I didn't have any major problems except for speed, and actually pressing the rear brake at traffic lights (even though I had the correct foot on the ground!).

Had a quick sandwich and a coffee whilst being introduced to my new instructor for the 500cc bike.

Once we got the bike out of the garage, I had a go at putting it on the center stand, which I failed miserably at. Good thing it has a side stand! My instructor said that if I was asked to put it on the center stand during the test, just say that I had pulled my back muscles the night before and get out of it :P

So we headed out and filled up with petrol. The rider position is totally different from the Varadero. You are a lot more hunched over and your legs are bent with your feet higher. The performance increase is immediately noticeable. If you twist the throttle, even a little bit, you accelerate without lag. There was a lot of vibration through the handelbars and you had to put a lot of force on the brakes to feel anything.

Essentially, I went too fast for my skill level and ended up doing 30 in a 20 fixating on the car infront of me. Then I did a major no-no, and overtook a bus which I thought was pulling into the bus stop in front of it, but was actually turning into the junction that was obscured from me. :(

A very dangerous maneuver, which I only realised too late what I had done. I didn't work out why I was having these awareness problems until I got on my 125 to ride home; my bike is a lot slower and smoother, allowing me plenty of time to plan ahead. When I got on the 500, I assumed following my glowing report from the morning session that I could carry on as normal. However, my ability to look ahead did not increase proportionally with the performance increase of the bike. Now that I know what the problem is I hope I can resolve it in my next session on Tuesday, the day before my test (I have the morning of the wednesday as well as the test is in the afternoon).

But it wasn't all over yet, no folks you have a bit more reading yet! :lol:

After that abismal overtake on my part, we pulled off into a science park near my university, so that I could get a stern talking to as well as practice U-turns and emergency stops. The first two u-turns went alright, albeit that they were rather wide...

The third was a disaster. I did it from a rolling start and half way round the corner I was going way too fast. Sub-consciously I did the worst thing possible in that situation, I pulled the front brake :evil:

I 'gently' laid the bike down, and ended up wondering how I ended up looking at the sky. Needless to say I was pretty pissed off with myself.

My instructor picked the bike up, and I got straight on it and said I wanted to practice more u-turns. The ones after were a lot smoother, although my instructor saw me covering the front brake again.

Apart from all of that, and a bit of swan necking on the way back, my riding is fine :roll:

I think I'm going to perfect my u-turns on my 125 in advance of Tuesday and get better road position. Any advice you guys have would be much appreciated.

Based on what I have said so far, do you think I will pass? I have one more full day on Tuesday, have another half day on Wednesday with the test in the afternoon. Be honest, as I will be able to take the piss out of you when I do pass! :lol:

Oh and sorry for the long post :twisted:

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Next time out pay attention to whats going on around you, as for the u-turns leave the front brake alone (cut your fingers off) use the throtle at a constant levle of revs and use the back brake to control the speed, this will also help balance the bike.

Good luck.

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You seem to be aware of your shortcomings which is a very good quality.

Now you realise there is a difference in riding styles between different types of bike, you can adapt your riding style to the 500.

Practicing Ueys on your 125 is a good idea - remembering to grip the right hand bar with your fingers wrapped tight round it to prevent covering the brake. But because the flywheel on the 500 is heavier the bike will pull itself round at lower revs so don't razz the arse off it.

If you have the option and the finances for another lesson on Monday I would take it, any mistakes can be ironed out and all the positives can be reinforced.

Remember - you are doing this because you want to so no-one else matters. Pass it for yourself.

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ive got to do restricted test soon and i know they are fairly similar (cept A2 is on 125) so this is a good post for me :)

im gonna say get in some more practise mondaty and youll be flyin i reckon, good luck mate!! :D

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Cheers for the advice guys.

I've been thinking about it a lot and the solution to my riding issues is smoothness. I've been out all day riding around on my 125, playing a game that my instructor recommended:

Basically, you have 10 points. Each time you brake you loose a point. Each time you reapply the breaks you loose another point. You are allowed to use the breaks at traffic lights without loosing any points.

Essentially, this game has made sure that I have to plan further in advance and control the bike using the throttle more. I think it's really helped.

I've just been down to squires in order to practice this and road positioning (so that I can see more round corners).

Are there any other methods or games that you know of, that teach learner riders the right techniques?

Oh and it doesn't look like I will be able to do another session on Monday as they aren't picking up as they are in Ireland!

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Bloody hell you been taking lessons off whizzkid on novels? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Gave up half way through, blimey lol.



Half the people who come off come in here at nighjt and say dunno what happened but I thought he was gonna.......

Your not a fortune teller by day are you? Dont be on two wheels then.

Your riding a 125 right now? Youve got the detaiils of what you need to do, erm do it. Fixation on the car in front leading to going too fast, well thats an easy fix, move yer damn head around, mirors speedo road mirrors speedo road etc etc

Centre stand? Not for me to be cruel but why not? Ask your instructor because its a technique, your not lifting the damn thing, shifting body weight should do it; honest now ask em to show you and practice, your gonna feel a reet wally trying to get an excuse.

Rear brake waiting at lights? They teling you to press it or not? You holding it on the front?

Uturn and front brake, was your right foot feathering the rear? Your mind will tell your body that its capable before you go into panic mode and grab a handfull.

Do you need more time? Nah bud, just screw yer head on, its like youve come on here saying I was the dogs danglies but the bike just wouldnt do as it was told; your in control of it so control the buggar lol. Calm yer breathing, have a good old chat with yerself inside yer lid and enjoy it but think everything through. 8)

ps just for you, been scrolling backwards n forwrds to read your list of cockups lol so eventually got to the end, your surname is tolkein isnt it :roll:

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Lol, houdini. Thought I might as well write everything down so I could realise what I did right and wrong myself.

I only had one go at the centre stand, as the instructor wanted to get on the road.

Riding around today on my 125 I have been a lot smoother and calmer. I think that is key.

I can do U-turns no probs on my 125 now, so will hopefully be able to transfer the technique over to the 500.

It's worth noting that I've made it sound really bad, but my instructor actually wrote on my report card that there was not any major problems and thought that I didn't need any additional time.

Right, I'm off to practice some more!

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sounds like you more or less know what your doing now solid advice houdini not much to add to that so good luck have fun and try hard

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Well I hate to say it but the 14% of you who didn't expect me to pass my DAS today were totally...



I ended up only having the Tuesday session before and still had massive problems with U-turns.

However, it all seemed to click during the test. The U-turn and emergency stop were no problems.

I got 5 minors, mostly about being a bit unstable when moving off and stopping. The examiner said it was down to nerves and getting used to a much heavier bike. He said that my riding was fantastic, so at least one of us thought so!

Off to have a look at my brand new Hornet which I shall be ordering tomorrow! :lol:

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All I can say is thinking that you have failed during the test, only helps calm you and improve your overall performance!

I did think i'd failed cos I skidded on my emergency stopand I had failed but for something else :evil: :lol:

Well done!

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