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Stainless Steel


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any metal experts out there

I Need to drill some 6mm holes in stainless steel,i have tried going from small to large tried new bits still not getting anywhere the bits wont touch it whats going on help please :shock:

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you need to drill it pretty slow Gary

Ah that could be it,i'm just using a normal black n decker jobbie,no speed control on it,any ideas as to what rpm i should be going at

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If you really want to do it then a titanium nitride coated solid carbide bit is the way to go, but as most things to do with SS, milling, grinding, cutting, drilling you can better have a look round for a small workshop in your area and talk to one of the workers, most things can be done for a fiver in their lunch break. I TIG weld SS free for bikers. :wink:

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go to car boot and get them for £3 a tin


what cobalt drills £3 a tin how manys in a tin ,let me know what car boot you go to and ill buy a few tins at that price :lol:

or do you mean the cheap and nasty foreign crap :roll:

Johns I;m not being sarky but

5 years ago i used to be a part time car boot trader and i bought all the cheep tools from the warehouses in Manchester

for example

junior hacksaws £1.50 a dozen sold for 99p each

Makita 240v copies £15 each sold for £49.99 each

28 peice socket sets £1 each sold for £4.99 each

i gave it up because it was to competative 1 in 3 stalls at a car boot sell these tools usualy Black spur and Rolson brands

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