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Atlas Throttle Lock - Short term review


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The Atlas Throttle Lock




Good points:


- Quick and easy install


- It works, simply put. It does what it says on the tin.


- Relieves the throttle hand from fatigue if this is something that effects you.


- Very discreet in appearance, it actually looks part of the bike.


- Can be quickly disengaged or activated at the press of a button unlike other designs that require more adjustment and takes longer to deactivate.


- Feels very strong and durable and feels like it will withstand the elements nicely. 



Bad Points:


- The slightest corner you take or bump in the road can slightly jog your throttle and you will find you start to lose speed rather than maintain it. Doesn’t happen often but it is annoying.


- It’s design is very good and it does work.... I do think it’s a little too expensive for what it is though.



Note: Keep in mind that this is only a short term review of owning it and I have not tried it on a long journey yet. 

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Never seen this make before,  I did consider a Kaoko one a while back but they never made them for the bike I had back then.  Good review, thanks.

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The issue with mechanical throttle locks is that speed will vary depending on road's gradient.

I've seen people stating these ones are great however $145 is a bit too steep for what it does.


I would prefer electronic cruise control instead although are more expensive

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Its the best mechanical throttle lock you can buy, with an innovative on/off push button design. when you consider after market cruise controls cost in excess of £600 and usually involve major surgery to install, the price begins to look a lot better. you get what you pay for.

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