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MotoGP rumours/ideas 2009


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well I know we are only 5 races into the season but it never stops, so here is a quick breakdown of rumours so far.

Melandri will be sacked or disposed of at the end of the season - Rumour

Dovi will take Haydens factory ride - Rumour

Suzuki to run third bike with Spies as likely rider, although Martinez wants Bautista to ride MotoGP - Rumour

Ideas :

Dovi is a hell of a talent and will be a MotoGP champion one day I think, I think he wants the Repsol ride and if he gets offered it why not take it, but if not as the best of the rest of the Honda's I expect he will get the new factory bike and full HRC support in his JiR team.

I think it's safe to say that Hayden won't be retained and he's never going to get back to the days of the 990cc bike, Hayden loves a big powerful bike, so why not talk to Ducati, maybe Nicky could conquer the powerful beast and what a team for Ducati 2 world champions.

This would leave Melandri without a ride but a seat at either JiR Honda or Repsol Honda free. I think Melandri would jump at the chance to get back on a Honda.

Spies, I'm not convinced about, I'm afraid I don't rate the AMA series and I think he would be better served spending a year in WSB with Suzuki before jumping up to MotoGP. Suzuki isn't the best bike and I could see his talent being wasted.

Any thoughts? opinions? more rumours?

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Hayden will be dropped by everybody, he just ain't any good and he only won the Championship due to pure luck!

I think Dovi is a good rider, perhaps just needs better equipment.

As for Honda, maybe they'll be thinking Yamaha's got Rossi and Lorenzo who are both very skilled riders and maybe they could really do with someone like Stoner!

Stoner must be disapointed with his bike and so maybe due for a change.

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I think stoners on a 3 year contract!

Not that , that generally means anything these days!


Thought he might be, but that Ducati must be quite bad, its only Stoner who can get anywhere near the front on it!

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Yeah Stoner tied himself into a contract with Ducati for 2/3 years last season. I don't think Honda will attempt to take Stoner when they could take Dovi who is a Honda man through and through. The lad has got some serious talent, I mean he's finishing usually as the second Honda in the field. Only second to Pedrosa and importantly ahead of Hayden on the Factory bike.

I'd like to see Dovi get a factory ride next year after all his hard work in the 250's busting his balls on a Honda that was rubbish.

I also hope Yamaha don't rest on their lorals next season as if they do, Toseland, Lorenzo could suffer.

Anyone know if that new contract Toseland signed meant that he will get Factory support in 2009? Hopefully Tech 3 can get some good results and justify factory support in 2009

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