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Big D's

Guest oilfield

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Went to Big D's last night. Was there for about 2 1/2 hours.

My first time there.

Plenty to look at & good burgers; good atmospehere.

Manchester Hells Angels showed up, flexed their muscles and looked mean at everyone, made a load of noise as they left.

There was a serious Harley Fat Boy, apparently belonging to Big D himself, and by the look of it could've been used to pay off half of my mortgagage!

A couple of Buells, some custom bits & pieces, some sports, no classics.

The Enfield was:

one of the oldest there

definately the smallest there

the only single cylinder I saw.

Its not what I've got, its what I do with it.

Ain't that right?

Anyroad - all good stuff


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And I bet you enjoyed your ride more than they enjoyed their posing.

Do you know if the Manc HA are descended from the old 10:10 or is that waaaaay before your time?

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Erm. If i say it was before my time, then my ignorance is covered!

Didn't know that HA existed outside of the USA until last year.

Theres no excuse for a head in the sand! .

I don't know if I'd call it posing.

Some of the regulars to Big D's haven't seen the HA there before.

Its all part of the fun.

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The Manchester 10:10 was a big Greaser gang/club/group back in the last century (that makes it sound a very long time ago - actually around 1970/75) referred to at the time as HA but probably weren't although you might not want to disagree with them if that was their opinion.

The local equivalent was the Chester 20/12 - no idea why 20/12 but they weren't such a full-on group and were rather good company for a young'un like me.

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It was their name - some were as a result of an event or somfing or nuffing but they were a sight to behold when they rode through the main st in Chester before pedestrianisation spoiled it all.

The whole pretty little Medieval town shook as they went past. :twisted:

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Aye, nice one - just follow the trial of black gold and our paths may cross!

Certainly, if you should ever see an Enfield in the gutter and a short bloke with an orange helmet :shock: doing a spanner dance around it, that'll be me :x

Take care

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