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Ducati woes in BSB

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Guest akey
Oh hairy sacks, they're in my Fantasy team! :(


:laugh: :laugh: looks like a shame for u voodoo....but atleast other riders in BSB will have a chance at some points now the DUCs will be gone :lol:


Thats if any of the Jap teams can make it through a race without chucking pistons all over the track :shock:

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I think it needed to be done, the way Shakey has made up close to 4 seconds in a handful of laps in the last 3 races has been silly. Clearly there is an advantage and it needs balancing out.

There was always going to be problems like this with the Ducati this year. the 999 seemed competitive last year, Now everyone seems shocked they have run away with it.

BTW though Byrne is doing a good job, I'm sure he'd be leading the championship whatever bike he was on, and will continue to do so even with a weight penalty.

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Smoke and mirrors, they'll race. :? Ducati sell too many bikes on the back of BSB to pull the plug.


Ducati just love a good moan until they get their own way.:twisted:

I can't understand why the ZX10 isn't doing the biz. :?:

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There was a comment made by the head of the Ducati Airwaves team in which he said to the rest of the teams,

"If you don't like the rules on tuning then build a 1200"

How about ducati race a bike that they produce and sell (1200 Not Homologated yet). Instead of whinging that it costs too much to keep the 999 competitive go away and build a 1000 four.

I believe BSB may be Ducati free next year....

We aren't winning so change the rules to suit us..... Ducati are a bunch of hypocritical spoiled brats that only like it when they have an unfair advantage....

Rant over...... Ish...... :wink:

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