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Senner and Alpine earplugs

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I have a set of Senner earplugs bought via Amazon for £22, though they are currently unavailable.


They have a solid inner filter which reduces wind and engine noise but allows traffic to be clearly heard. I find them comfortable for all day riding, reasonably easy to put in, sometimes a little fiddly to get out. They come with a handy container.


I also have a set of Alpine MotoSafe Race bought from Amazon for a little under £13. They offer Tour and Race versions, the Race provide a little bit extra sound deadening. 


These have a soft core filter which also reduces wind and engine noise but allows traffic to be clearly heard. Again, very comfortable. Because they have a soft core you need to use a small tube to put them in which sounds a bit strange but actually works really well. Very easy to remove as the tab is a bit longer than the Senna and they don't fit as deep into my ears. They come with a soft pouch which holds the plugs and tool to put them in.


I am pleased with both sets, the Senner can sometimes not go in quite right and I have to stop up the road to refit one. I reckon the wind noise with the Alpines is a softer sound than the Senner, not necessarily quieter, just a different tone that is slightly more comfortable at motorway speeds. With both pairs traffic awareness is very good.


On balance there's little to choose between them, but the Alpines are cheaper and I prefer the soft pouch. They are made from a softer material than the Senner so whilst I'm happy wearing both all day some people may find the Alpines more comfortable.





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I have tried the Alpine ones before in the past but for some reason I just couldn't get on with them! 

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