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Which is the best way to sell your bike?

Guest garthunkle

<t>What's the best way to sell a bike?</t>  

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  1. 1. What's the best way to sell a bike?

    • MCN - Web and Mag @ £9.99
    • Bike Trader - 2 weeks Web @ £19.99
    • Bike Trader - 2 weeks Web & 1 week Mag @ £27
    • Ebay - Variable cost

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Looking to sell my Varadero now that I have passed my DAS.

I paid 1370 for it, a dealer without bargaining said he would give me 1300 for it. However, he said that I would get a much better price selling it privately.

From your experience, which would you say was the most effective method in selling your bike?

Also, the tax runs out next week. Should I renew it, or will it not make much difference in getting it sold?

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Personally I prefer my local bike shop to do it for me. He offers me a price that I like and accept and anything he makes over that is his. He also advertise's it for free, is an expert in selling bikes, stores the bike at his shop until it is sold, and is there all day to help sell it. All I have to do is decide wether I like the price he'll guarantee me. I realise most shops wont do this for you, but I guess its worth a try with any independant ones you know :D

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Stick it on autotrader, ebay and piston heads matey.

When ever I had cars to sell thats the way I did it and they didnt hang about!

Ps piston heads is free!

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Are you selling in London or York? If you are selling in London, try Gumtree.com - its a free classified ads site with a big London following and I sold my car quickly through Gumtree.

Only word of warning is because it is free to list, it attracts the lower end of the market and prices tend to be a bit lower than elsewhere (great if you're buying though...).

Seeing as you are only set to loose £70 on the price you paid though - I'd give it to the dealer and spend your time finding a new bike. Did the dealer say he would take it without the tax being renewed?

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Only loosing £70, let the dealer have it, not worth messing around with.

paying to advertise does not guarantee a sale,so you may have to advertise it more than once, let the dealer have it before the tax runs out . So saving the cost of Ads & Tax you will have saved yourself not far short of the 70 quid.

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Just thought I would give an update. Dealer's all decided against buying it from me in the end. One said based on the mileage I would be lucky to get £800 for it.

Stuck it on ebay, with a video and plenty of pictures @ 99p no reserve with delivery. It went up to £1,120 in the first day, and I've had a ridiculous amount of people contacting me to see if they could buy it now. The auction was set to end Sunday at 9pm.

I just had a viewing, and sold it for £1715. I didn't even have to pay for tax.

As I said, bought it for £1370.

So I what do you reckon?

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