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weird noise


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as you may or may not know i just got my shadow vt125 back. yay

but ive noticed that when im half way through a gear at certain revs, there is a weird noise kinda like someone sharpening a knife constantly, it goes again if i rev up abit or go below the revs (i cant tell you what revs it is cos i havnt got a tacho)

have any of you got an idea what it might be?

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I don't know - but that's never stopped me before :lol:

Does it have a chain? If so it may be a bit slack and is clunking/snatching as the clutch is disengaged.


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I would say your chain has a tight link in it. Ive had the problems loads of times where one side of the chain is tight and then when I turn the wheel and the other side of the chain comes round its really slack.

Can you explain where the noise is coming from, are you getting vibrations or anything?


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