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Second bike debate


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Can't decide between a triumph thruxton 900 or giving a herald 400 cafe a try? Both lovely looking motorcycles. Prefer the herald looks but I'm not sure about rust or reliability or its power. The thruxton 900 I like the look but it's a lot more money. 


I'm open minded to all other options though.


I'm 6ft tall and 18 stone. Looking for a nice bike to do weekend country lanes and coastal cruising. Budget is around 4-5k. Doesnt need to be particularly fast, but I dont want slow and sluggish. Something in the middle would be great. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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Posted (edited)

Kawasaki W800 for the classic retro look in a modern package at a good price and there are plenty of them below your budget. at your budget will buy you a late low miles 'minter'.


I would advise against the herald.  Even if you set aside a catastrophic loss of value just by buying one - its pretty certain you will have difficulty finding any reputable garage that will want to touch it when it needs a service. 




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My mate picked up a 2019 XSR 700 for just shy of 4k, the bike looks new,  not a lot of miles and he loves it, his remit was similar to yours, something for the weekend ride outs and general knocking about on.  Servicing and parts are cheap and easy to come by,  and they appear to have a good rep for reliability.  Just another idea in the pot.

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I found the hardest bit was deciding what the 3rd bike should be if I am honest.

Good luck and I totally agree with @Gerontious on the W series and as I have ridden one the Enfield mentioned by @Davidtav is actually great fun (admittedly only hired for one day in Lanzarote so not the harshest of reviews).



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