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Geared bike


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Hey, so I have pretty much three years daily riding experience on a moped. The only experience I have on a geared bike is a two hour lesson, in which I stalled quite a lot.  I'd like to get my full licence soon and move onto larger motorbikes. If I just book the week course, will that be enough to learn, or am I getting ahead of myself? Should I get a lot more practise before?

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You are already at an advantage over many 'new starters' as most will never have ridden any kind of two wheeled vehicle before.. some not even a bicycle.

Getting used to the gears is always tricky at the very start.. but it soon clicks into place. A week course should be more than enough for the basics.. it will probably be in your best interests to mention this perceived problem (with gears) to the instructor from the get-go.


I went the other way, after almost 30 years of geared bikes I made the change to an "auto" gear box.. its not quite the same as your scooters, but was just as weird to change to. In fact it was VERY weird. But.. very soon became totally addictive. changing gears at the touch of a button?why didn't I do this sooner?


My 1000cc "Scooter"




Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 15.30.38.png

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I think a week is enough, if doubtful you could always book a CBT for about a hundred quid and get a day of practicing in the parking area and then out on the roads or another taster session on a 125 to iron out some kinks :-)

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The one week's course will very likely be fine for you. Or you can spread it out if you prefer and do one day a week for five weeks; that way you can take stock of how well you're progressing, and add in an extra day of tuition before the test if you feel you need it. Or do half days or whatever suits you best.

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