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Getting your CBT as a larger rider

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Hello all,


I've been trying to get my CBT sorted and have contacted a few training centres but the two I've heard back from both say that I'm to heavy to complete my CBT as a 125 would not support my weight, I'm 6'7" and weigh 23 stone 7lb (150kg). I'm soon to be 24 and planning on going for my Direct access as I know that I'll need a slightly larger bike to be comfortable. Primarily I was wondering if any of the larger riders out there could offer some advice as to how I should Proceed, Thanks


All the best,


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I don't know any bike manufacturer that quote a maximum rider weight, so there is no scientific basis for that statement. If you start the conversation with "hi, I'm really heavy", the company is going to get shy.  Rugby players ride motorcycles. My wife is short but weighs in at 17stone.  It not that bigger deal. Just turn up somewhere an let them figure it out..

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Some learner bikes are small, and aren't gong to work well for someone as tall as you. Best to phone up a few training schools near you and ask their advice; they'll know what bikes they have and which are going to be most suitable. 

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The Internet assures me scooters can carry a lot more than you think 🤣

but seriously a training school out there will want your money and will figure something out!!


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At 6''3 I struggled on the 125 when doing the off road part of the CBT. For the road section I did it on the MT07's that they used for DAS which was a lot better. I ended up booking the DAS training a few days after completing the CBT so it wasn't that I'd got the full course booked that influenced them.


I'd ask if that would be possible for you to do, it certainly made a big difference to me.

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