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gsxr 400 help needed

Guest barbie!

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gixxer 400 d reg, had been stood a while when i bought it just over a month ago,

it didnt tick over very well at all so took it to have the carbs all cleaned and it ran alot better but over the last week it seems to be playin up a bit again, not tickin over very well again

was thinkin if it had been standing for a while could the fuel filter need replacing too?

i dont know when the last service was and am going to give it a full service but i just wanted to know if the ticking over problem could be down to a fuel filter or something else?

any help appreciated :bang:

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Guest philgale

when i had problems starting my old bike its because the fuel in the line evaporated.....

try sticking it on prime for a bit then try again...

other than that iv no idea

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Guest akey

have you put fresh fuel in it? Fuel goes off if left for too long.

Who cleaned the carbs and what did they do, where they balanced and cleaned or did someone just spray carb cleaner in??

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a proper motorcycle garage by me done it, pretty sure they properly cleaned it, cost 120 quid, dont know if it was balanced? but have new fuel in it :shock:

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once its going its fine its just when i start it up and even after ive been on it ages at lights etc i need to keep revs on or itll die!

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