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Popping my Moto GP Cherry


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Right Guys I've just booked for the Donington Moto GP for me and the family, (Missus, Son & Daughter) We're going down on the Friday and camping over the weekend.

So a few tips would be well recieved from any of you veterans! :wink:

I am toying with the idea of me going down on the bike as I've heard that you have a trek from the car park to the campsite? Is it true??

Can you park your bikes next to your tent?? If so this would be a bonus as I could ferry some of the camping gear on the bike and maybe give the family a lift, (one at a time obviously, before you start!) depending on how far you have to walk carrying camping gear.

What dya reckon??

And PS anyone else going???

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As said before, no bikes near the tent. Get there early to get a good camping spot.

Take lots of bog roll! Leave either sunday evening very late, or camp again to the monday morning unless you want to overheat and sit in queues for hours (even on the bike)

Take a MASSIVE create of beer and loads of food as the food and drink there is expensive. Take bit of spending money as there are some fairground rides there which your sprogs will want to go on.

Take a big umbrella and lots of suntan cream.

Get up real ealy sunday morning to get a good spot in the queue, decide where you want to sit race day on the friday or sat so you know where to run to sunday morning.

Not camping this year unfortunatly as it was awesome last time. But will be there race day

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In the last few years they have had land-rovers with trailers transporting folks from the parking to the site so that is no problem.

Unfortunately they don't put them on for the hike back so you may have to make a couple of trips.

Also leaving is much improved now because they have a one way system in operation.

a lot of folks take a tall flag pole made from fishing rod blanks with some sort of flag so you can find your tent ok.

Be prepared to lose sleep due to noise of partying. Use ear plugs.

The facilities are not as bad as they used to be as long as it isn't raining. TAKE BOG ROLL.

No cash machine at donington. Well there is in the exhibition hall but it charges about a tenner to draw out a tenner.

definitely check out the wall of death if you havn't seen it.

You can't walk all the way around the track, you have to turn around at Redgates cause thats where the rich people lig around the paddock.

During free practice you can usually sit in the stands for free on Friday. Good tip if its raining.

Consider collapsable chairs and a brolly.

For race day get up as early as you can and get round to Foggy esses smartish. Great place to watch and a big screen.

Get a program on arrival.

Encourage your kids to look pathetic and ask for freebies at every opportunity.

get your picture taken with the girls in lycra, you'll recognise them from their prominent camel ... erm... I mean the writing on their clothes etc...

Hope this helps.

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