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Might be out Sunday 8th...

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Unless of course my sister drops her overdue sproglet...

Probably the usual Matlock-type cuppa meet up if it happens...

Post here if anyone's out and about...




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Soz folks. I'm not going to be around tomorrow after all. My sister has pestered me into driving down south for my nephew's birthday. Wouldn't it be great if the baby came this weekend too? Although it looks like I'll probably end up going next weekend as well. £100 worth of petrol here I come...

Have a good safe day tomorrow folks...

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Never been down to matlock, is there a set place where you all meet if I decide to make an appearance?


usually meet in the car park opposite the pub called the fishpond

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might well come over dependant on what time fc gets up!!!!! :lol:


Oi cheeky :twisted: :twisted: ..........................since i don't finish work til 6am but the weather is looking ruddy brill (it's now 0440 am) think am gunna get up around 1130 so can amble across to the fishponds for around 1ish

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reet i'm awake................sort of.............or as awake as i can be......so gunna have a pootle over to matlock with she that must be obeyed ......will be there around 1 if anyone's gunna be there....at fishpond for a cuppa

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may have a potter over myself ..... look out for me cos my memory for faces is not good.

By the way, what is the deal with parking in that carpark now .. heard the new owners were ticketting bikes?

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on me way over now :)


or... not.

First I knock the bike on the fence on the way out the garden.

Next, the local fuel station has no fuel.

Then, Morrison's bank machinces are all offline and their fuel station's card reader is broke (which they kindly don't tell me till I've actually filled up!!!!)... The gits wont let me ride to another bank machine, despite offering to leave my iPod as comeback insurance...

so I have to walk, in full leathers, 3 miles to the nearest bank machine... only to find it's not working either! :evil: :!: :hammer:

So, deciding I'm not walking the further 4 miles to town and 7 miles back, I call a cab.

When it turns up, the Taxi guy says all the bank machines this side of nottingham are off due to some glitch giving some people free money (lol).

so off we go, on a 15 minute round-trip taxi ride.. sweating away in full leathers...

Get back to the petrol station.. pay the taximan his tenner, go to pay for my fuel... and guess what?

The EFFING card readers are back on, and so are the cash machines.


and if thats not enough.. on the way home I hit a bird, who kindly ripped my front indicater clean off... :crybaby:

I'm off to the pub now and someone better :beer2:


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