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The hills have eyes


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16 minutes ago, bonio said:

I can't remember the last time I saw anyone comply with a stop sign.

You are bang on with that observation.

I am sure little schoolkids are told in their cycling profficency that it doesn`t apply anymore.



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On 13/09/2021 at 21:22, Bender said:

It's peoples general attitude that seeps into driving that's the problem, we have become a nation of dicks. 


I was stuck behind a car going through a small village, 30mph, he did 20 all the way, it's only a small stretch I know it well,  got to the 60/nl sign and he upped it to 35, there is nearly  800yds of absolutely straight road and no other junctions, I went past him at a safe distance, at no point did I pressure or do anything untoward, once I passed he proceeded to flash his lights like a mad man and then started with the horn, then decided he was in a hurry and wanted to go faster than me, absolute f**kwit. 

My misses and I where following each other home in cars,  we found one of these My misses watched it happen, I went to over take the other car started accelerating.


I was doing well over 90 in a 60 by the time he backed down. I was the one that got away, so he slowed straight back to 35/40 to annoy my misses.


Why do they do it?  Round here it’s to save the animals!

Routinely you get people driving at 20-30mph because 40 is to fast….  Oh and at night the other trick is to drive with full beam on so you have to slow because you don’t stand a chance at seeing any animals.

That’s what happened to this poor sod killed 3, luckily van had tracker and cams the guy was not held to fault.

You just need to read the comments.


Would not mind but there are twice as many animals on the forest than ever before, much more traffic and year on year the animal death rate has been falling….

yet that’s still not good enough….

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