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Brake Drum Skim/Resurface


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Apologies if there's any previous threads on this, I've searched but can't find anything. 


So I've left my bike standing for a while and before getting it back out on the road I've drained/replaced fluids, sorted valve clearances, service stuff etc.. But, while cleaning up the brakes I've discovered some "lumps" in the rear brake drum! The surface of the drum that makes contact with the shoe is warped in 2 places, quite close to each other and at the rear of the drum and quite obviously! This causes the shoes to rub on each rotation. I have no idea how this has happened or if it's always been like it but my questions are, 


Where can one get drums skimmed or resurfaced and at what cost? 


Would a dremel and a lot of graft save me the expense and has anybody else ever done this/have advice? 



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Yes, it can be done if there's a reasonable depth of liner available to get it back to true.


Have a ring around your local engineering workshops and see what they say.

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