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Hi I'm new to this forum and I'm seeking advice. I hope someone can help! I'm a mature male riding a 125 on a provisional license. Due to personal and health circumstances, the Council are going to put me in temporary accommodation ie Travelodge, Premier Inn etc, while I wait to be housed. I've been told that I could be moved on a weekly to fortnightly basis for the foreseeable future. As my bike is my only form of transport I would be up sh*t creek without it! I need my bike. So, my question is - how can I legally insure, register and apply for a new provisional(?) whilst being shuffled around, or is it just a no go? Due to my health problems(hips shot to bits), I cannot walk far and I really need transport to get to shops, Doctors etc. Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome indeed, as if there is no way around this it's gonna be either SORN or sell!😭😭. TIA. Brian

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If you have access to a regular fixed address (family/friend ) that you can leave the bike at ,you can try explain to the insurance company that whilst your address may change regularly the bike will be kept at x address when not in use .see what they say/suggest

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