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My Cost of starting biking.


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Hi all,


Thought I'd just pop a post on here for people who may be thinking of getting into biking and were wondering about cost. I have listed my expense below from starting and having  nothing.


Theory test - £23


CBT - £69 from Groupon ( although I believe cost is around £130)


DAS - £725 plus £100 for mod 1 retake and extra training.


Helmet - £50 from friend

Jacket - RST from XLmoto reduced to clear £59

Gloves - £25 ARMR Moto Ikedo from the sportsbikeshop 

Trousers - £55  Spada Milan-Tex from the sportsbikeshop

Boots - Course Shorties £44 half price sale XLmoto


Bike - 2000 Hornet £1300

Tax - £65

Insurance -£200

Disc Lock - £35


Total £2850. ( If my maths is right 😅)




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And thats only the beginning  🤣🤣


I dread to think what I've spent over the years on bikes, clothing and accessories.  

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5 hours ago, Liveware Problem said:

Same bike and model year as my first bike :) you paid only £100 more, I'm curious what the mileage on it is?


Around 32k I believe.


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41 minutes ago, Fish said:

Quoting the insurance is misleading to be honest. Some get ultra low prices and some get quote like mortgage prices. :(


Very true,but as I said this is my cost. I looked into insurance prices before I even started my das to ensure I could afford it !

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7 minutes ago, Liveware Problem said:


Simular mileage too then!


Yours looks a nicer example I must say, enjoy 😊


Cheers. I have been looking for a bike for about 2 months nothing quite fit the bill price wise or grabbed me. As soon as this popped up I knew I wanted it...i was so lucky that the guy was happy to deliver for free ( about 50 minutes away) !! Otherwise between his and my work schedules I never would have been able to get over to pick it up.

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