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Clothing, boots, helmet etc... advice needed

Guest Sean

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I'm currently saving up for a yamaha yzf-r 125, should have enough for a deposit in a few weeks time (minimum deposit is £99, but i wanna put a larger deposit down so that there's less payments / smaller payments in the future).

Anyway, back to the point...

How much should I be spending on my helmet, jacket, boots etc

I've seen some helmets for £300+ and I've seen some for £50. Same with the jackets and other things. All the things i looked at were approved for road use, so whats the difference?

Do you think the more expensive things are worth the money?

Your opinions are much appreciated

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Helmet-As much as you can afford, on a decent make, arai, shoei, AGV, shark ect. Definately not a £50 wonder. NOT second hand either

All other gear-The best you can afford after a helmet, minimum of a decent textile jacket (£100 odd), boots(£80 odd), gloves (£30 odd)

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Jacket, trousers, boots and gloves should be as much as you can afford. The more CE approved protection the better is all I can say.

Helmets are about the fit. An expensive poorly fitting helmet will be worse than a good fitting cheap helmet.

Personally though when trying them on I found the comfort factor made me lean to the more expensive helmets.

If Akey is around he will be able to help you with the helmet thing. He knows his stuff!!

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It's all about fit.

Whatever you buy has to fit you comfortably and also fit your wallet.

Cheap is cheap for a reason, expensive is often down to the label. Somewhere in between is a compromise where cost and comfort come together.

Don't skimp on safety equipment, it'll come back to bite you.

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^^ Further - was told on CBT, etc, that stout work-type boots are ok (but not steel toe-capped), but you really want to make sure that no laces are going to get caught round anything, and if you're serious about biking, then dedicated biker boots make more sense...

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helmet as much as possible but it must fit. try different helmets on and see if they fit comfy and if check if they fit correctly.

i brought some 60 quid trousers and a 80 quid jacket, been brilliant, got CE armour and is comfy. not as nice looking as leathers but hey.

boots. well i paid about 60 quid, and aldi had some in for 30 quid other month. as long as they are hard around the areas you need protecting and waterproof if u plan on being out in the rain i asume you are.

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I'm gonna save up some extra cash to get some nice gear then.

I read that helmet buying guide aswell and it was really good.

Thanks for the help!

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