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Older rider starting out - what path did people follow any advice

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Hi, I have not had a 'bike' since a moped (Suzuki AP50) I had back in the eighties.  Once I passed my car test I never got chance to get into bikes.


I am now in my 50s and interested in starting riding.  I think I have almost got my head around the various tests and training needed.


But I was wondering what do most people do, go through the CBT and ride a 125 on L plates for a few months.  Or work their way through the tests and then by their first bike.


Some of the tests look like they may need quite a bit of experience to pass.  So wondering if the 125 route is best.


I am not looking to get a massive bike, just something to make a few trips on to make a change from using the car.


What are your thoughts?

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I did CBT at 49  (now 51 took year to get full license due to covid ) went onto DAS and now own a Hornet 600. I personally wouldn't bother getting a 125 if a big bike is your goal just go DAS route. Everyone learns at different rates and how your CBT goes should give you and your instructor a good idea how much training you may need to get through. Bigger bikes feel more grounded and stable and gave me more confidence particularly out on the road.


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I'm seventy eight and started late, you might say. I've had four bikes in six years and I've done three two yearly CBTs. I've had some great fun on a 2019 Yamaha YZF 125 R and I've just got the 2021 Honda  CB125R.


I don't intend going through the process of a test. I suspect me next bike will be a trike. That's probably the most convenient and practical route for me. That way will allow me to carry a pillion, go on a motorway and chuck the bloody L plates. 


You have age on your side and I would respectfully suggest you go for it. If you have a riding school near to you why not have a go at direct access. You can start on a 600 bike and once you've cracked it your appetite will take over and the fun begins.


Go for it.



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4 hours ago, Gerontious said:

what he said... don't waste anymore time. CBT then DAS.


(assuming you can afford it. obviously)




What he said!


I did DAS, wanted to compress learning as much as possible - no value in dragging it out.

School suggested (very gently) that I needed an extra session before MOD2 (hesitation on roundabouts), passed with no problems.



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