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Back boxes and torque wrenches

Guest Reptile Smile

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Take these questions in the spirit of the uber-tight budget on which I'm on! :)

1) I hate the look of back boxes, but I'm starting to think as my bike will be predominantly for commuting, it may be a practicality I have to put up with.

Is the Givi the best bet (am thinking I could then swap it to another bike as and when required)? How cheaply could I do it? Or is there another range I should consider?

2) One of my first jobs with my 'new' (and I use the term loosely) bike is to remove the tank. Haynes says on re-installation to use a torque wrench to the correct settings. How necessary is this? I mean, I guess it's one of those "don't use it if you don't want, but don't coming running on here when it all goes pear-shaped". If I have to get one, can anyone recommend one..?

Cheers all, as ever

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I commute and have to take a clean shirt, waterproofs etc in most days and I manage with a good ruck sack. Providing it`s waterproof it has served me well for the last two years.

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it is basicly covering their own ass

all bolts should be to a specific torque :roll: but not everyone uses a torque wrench even mechanics

**if you was doing a full engine rebuild i would say get one but as its just the bolts on the tank im sure you would be ok to just tighten them up**

i dont think your tank is going to come flying off when riding :roll:

but if you dont use a torque wrench just recheck the bolts again after about 1000 miles or so :?

**disclaimer dont blame me if it goes t*ts up :shock: :lol:

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luggage, I used a tank bag for years to carry all my stuff in, also have a soft tail pack (oxfor first) if i needed to take more stuff.

Dont need to worry now as the tiger has hard panniers :lol:

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If you do decide to invest in a torque wrench in the future, you'll find you actually need 2 ...

A big boooger for very high torque settings - like axel bolts for example ..

And a ickle one - for wee stuff ...

It may be worth your while expanding your tool kit and learning more

about your bikes mechanical bits and pieces - not least because it can save you a small fortune on servicing.....


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That's pretty much what I was thinking. Justarider and Cyberwolf - thanks so much for the offers - I really appreciate it. Screwfix have torque wrenches for £12:50 - I guess at that money, it's a bit of a no-brainer

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