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Why are YOU here?

<t>What's important to you when you joined?</t>  

319 members have voted

  1. 1. What's important to you when you joined?

    • Friendly to newbies.
    • Family oriented.
    • Women members.
    • Bike advice.
    • Learning to ride/support.
    • Chance to meet other bikers.
    • Are admin and started it all

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Following from the thread that justa started I thought it might be helpful to understand why we are here.

I looked at various sites, and this was the only family oriented and least judgmental of the ones I looked at.

This was important because I am now riding with my son. So biking is not just about me going out and being a hooligan biking has a new dimension now for me.

The other thing about this site was the friendly approach to newbies to biking. very helpful and again non judgmental.

Finally I liked that there were so many female members. a sure sign the neanderthals havn't taken over.

I have put up a poll as well but its quite limited. I hope it reflects the initial reason for joining this site. I take it as a given that we all appreciate a social belonging we get from this site, and am just interested in the reasons for joining.

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I think one thing flows from the other and its just such a wonderful, friendly, supportive site, with plenty of rideouts and events going on. I think the fact that there are so many women on here (think its about 50:50) has a big part to play in the atmosphere of this site and why its so unique

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Have voted on the last one, but I too would say the last 3 apply really.

But I agree with chic about the population of the site - friendship, help, humour etc all go towards making it kind of unique. :D

Anything else that comes out of being a member is a bonus!! :wink: :oops:

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What's ncp (other than car parks!)


it is what we refer to as the MCN website, which became so naff that everyone abandoned it and joined here instead.

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well, nell introduce me to the site a while ago, and like a bad smell ive stuck around :wink:

but in all honesty im only here for the ride outs and generally meeting the rest of this lunatic asylum :D

that and answering insurance questions, :shock:

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