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Going to 22 MotoGP at Silverstone, advice please.


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It’s been far FAR too long since I last went to a bike racing event at any circuit, and I’ve been to silverstone in the past.

However I’m pretty (absolutely) sure things have changed since I last went.


It’s a small group of us, taking our partners and a nice big camper van.

We are planning a 3 day pass, and Grandstand tickets.


Just wondering if any of you guys have any tips or advice on the best Grandstand or perhaps the camping and hook up points etc. Just anything I should be aware of before we go?


 Thanks in advance.


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Take a very good and long book to read while queuing to get out.

Definitely one to go to by bike !

Incidentally the same applies to F1 if you ever want to go to that takes forever to empty Silverstone.



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I've always used the Towcester racecourse park and ride. Cheaper than circuit parking, avoids sitting around waiting to get in and out. 

In terms of viewing I watched from Maggots/beckets stand a few years ago and its a good watch. Can see the fast chicane in front but you also can see over to the other side for the slow section before the back straight. Theres normally a TV screen in front too.  

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When using the grandstand, unless it's very hot, take a warm jacket and something to sit on that comes down behind your legs. Silverstone is noted for cold, high winds, I know, I've raced there as well as spectated. The wind blows through the back of the g/stand and can be absolutely freezing. Also, something like an air cushion cos the seats are not the most comfortable! Get them covered and you'll have a great time. Oh, and if it's sunny, sunglasses and a peaked hat that keeps the sun burning face or neck (turned back to front). I agree with the previous 'ride with peaks' about traffic. We go by m/bikes and stay over till Monday! 

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