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Paddock Stands


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OK.. I'm after a paddock stand (rear) for my ZX.

I've read about bobbins.. and universal stands.. and so on..

but I'm still a bit confused over the whats and whys.

Basically. My understanding is that the universal stands have "cups" on them that you place under your swing arm directly... no bits bolted on the bike.. just like a car jack in effect.

Then there's the bobbin ones... I understand that bobbins get fitted to your bike, and the stand is designed to "hook" these bobbins and lift the bike up with them.

Can you confirm my understandings are right?

I'd imagine the latter (bobbin) method is more stable?

Where do the bobbins attach normally?

all advice appreciated.

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Get an ABBA stand...

They lift the bike from the swing arm pivot and are much easier to use on your own..

Also if you change your bike you only need to buy another fitting kit which are around £14 the last time I checked...

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Abba stands are ok but not cheep......stand £100 +

Jack for the front end.....£50+

Best bet is the bobbins, once you have used it a few times its easy and quick and they are steady enough, most race teams use this method and will cost about £15 for the bobbins £50 should get you two stand if you shop around. 8)

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