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*scowls* More spack plugs questions...

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For some reason, the plugs for my NTV650 (NGK DPR8EA-9's) required not a 14mm socket, nor a 10mm socket, but a 12mm socket, which I couldn't get in a fitting for my torque wrench.

Accordingly, I'm going to have to tighten them 'manually'. Now, here's the thing. On the box, it's implying something about tightening them between 1/16th of a turn and 1/2 of a turn. I notice that on the thread there's a sort of 'crushable washer' - like a thread locker, almost, but different...

So what's the deal? Do I tighten them finger tight and then turn them a further 1/4 of a turn with the socket? Or am I a monkey doing a man's job again?

Also, while I'm at it, why the hell are there two plus per cylinder..? Isn't one enough? Are all bikes like this? Why don't cars have two per cylinder?


Thanks in advance, from your friendly neighbourhood simian

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not knowing your bike, but I assume its quite large cc per cylinder?

They have two sparkies to get a "better burn". It increases the compression and also gives improved thermodynamic efficiency.. and reduces the amount of unburnt fuel thrown out the back.

As for tightening them.. I've never bothered with a torque wrench with them.

using a small wrench, I apply pressure only using thumb and index finger until it feels "tight" on them. which is usually about 1/4 of a turn...

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