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looking for an exotic trip to another country??

Guest steink

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Hello fellow bikers.

This looks like a great place to post a tread about riding in the areas around where I am from, Norway, more closely the west coast. (Read more about me in the newbie's forum) this part of Norway is the part where we have all the twisty mountain roads and spectacular rides along the coast, on roads that looks and sometimes feels like they have been made simply to prove that it was even possible to make a road that bendy or that steep or that fun to ride. At the same time we also have the roads where the speed can be stepped up a bit while still experiencing some of the most beautiful and spectacular views in the world.

All of this can be experienced less than a days ride from the second biggest city In Norway, Bergen, and even more exiting this part of Norway can be reached easily boat from Newcastle in the UK or from Hirshals in Denmark. This means that this part of Norway is reachable from many parts of Europe in less than 8 hours of easy driving and about 24hours on a relaxing cruise boat. Unfortunately this part of the world seems to be non existing when looking at the options for bike adventures. It seems like most ad hoc trips are going to the alps or spain or somewhere similar, when there is other options that could easily be just as exotic and even more spectacular here in Norway.

The reason why I write this is because I would like to try and give more the opportunity to experience this beautiful and spectacular part of the world that is just 24 hours from the UK by boat. However in order to do just that I will have to establish if this is something that there is an interest for, Basically the question is: Is this somewhere you would like to go and maybe even pay to be on an organized trip where you experience the spectacular views and the fun roads, together with other similar minded bikers in a fun and casual setting?

I would be very happy to receive any comments or questions about the post and especially I would like to hear from anyone that would like to take part of this kind of trips or that have any suggestions on how to provide this kind of trips to fellow bikers? And also if you have gone on a trip here in Norway I would like to know more about your experience so if you feel like sharing feel free to do so.

keep riding


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It sounds beautiful Stein!

Wondered if it might be a good idea to put some photos on the thread to show people what they can look forward to, should they think about visiting.

Good idea about organising trips though. :D

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thanks.. it simply slipped my mind that this was even possible

I will get back with some photos and perhaps even a video. might have to go for a little trip just to get some nice riding movies.. If only I could get my hands on a camera

for now you all have to settle for some links to various sites that provide pictures






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hello stein, i spent some time in norway, while i was in the army, near bergen, is everything still really expensive compared to the uk?

it's not somewhere i'd have thought of going on a bike holiday, too cold!, the scenery is certainly good though.

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is everything still really expensive compared to the uk?

it's not somewhere i'd have thought of going on a bike holiday, too cold!, the scenery is certainly good though


thanks for the reply I would have to say that things in Norway are unfortunately a bit more expencive than things are in the UK although having said that some of the reason for the higher cost is shown on the picture, the rest of the higher costs are unfortunately due to higher taxes which basically sucs :lol: http://jrost.homedns.org/web-gallery2/d/3435-2/NR076_NOR06_04179.JPG

The temperature in Norway could have been better I will agree with you on that but as we say here.. there is no such thing as bad weather.. just bad clothing :twisted:

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just thought i should update the post with some pic's. These are fresh from the camera and I hope the quality is not too bad.. unfortunately the camera battery was almost empty. As you will see on the pic's the weather is not perfect but that almost makes it more beautiful. The pics are taken less than 1 hour from a town called Floro right on the edge of the north sea. Hope you all like the pics although they might be a bit dark



http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-snc1/v276/17/108/792850499/a792850499_3256099_3127.jpg' alt='FACEBOOK>'>

http://photos-h.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-snc1/v276/17/108/792850499/a792850499_3256103_4279.jpg' alt='FACEBOOK>'>

http://photos-b.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-snc1/v276/17/108/792850499/a792850499_3256105_4845.jpg' alt='FACEBOOK>'>

http://photos-a.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-snc1/v276/17/108/792850499/a792850499_3256104_4561.jpg' alt='FACEBOOK>'>

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