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I Killed it ;/

Guest Saber

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Rode my bike today this morning in the nice weather, only about 15 miles, and halfway it died. There was something on the piston chamber thing ( i dont know everything yet) that was smoking off, but it was like steam so im guessing it was just water. The engine cut out which was most probably due to the water also. anyway i pulled over and let it cool down, then it started again but went alot slower, around 30 mph when its usually 50, but i got to where i wanted to go, then tried to come back later and it wouldnt start, after several tries it did eventually start and i rode it home. about a mile away from home it cut out again after going even slower ( about 20mph) and wouldnt start again, so in the end i had to push it home. Weve checked the spark plug, petrol , the pistons, oil etc as my dad does know alot about bikes, but it still wont start.

Any ideas?

Sorry this should probably be in Pitstop as i just noticed.

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Sorry mate, I have not got a clue.

Hope you get it sorted though.

I had a similar problem one time. I was riding along a dual carriage way in outside lane and suddenly it lost power; not an ideal place to slow up hey!

I pulled over and checked the usual things and limped home.

I purchased some fuel additive and added it in the right mix. The next ride i went out it was fine. Not sure that the additive was the solution though or if it righted itself.

Best of luck mate.


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If its a 2-stroke it sounds like the crank case seals have gone. On my old 50cc when they went my top speed went down to 40 from 60 then 30 then 20 before I figured out the problem. Whats the bike like in the higher revs now? If it coughs and splutters past 6000rpm then it has to be the crank case seals. But as for cutting out....Is your battery low? It could be a problem with the timing but why its getting worse, i dont know.

Take it to a decent garage, the rocket centre in blackburn will service and fix the bike for about £200 if your close by.

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stripped it down , and we found the cylinder head gasket was disintegrated.

That would cause a loss in compression yes?


lol.. oh yes.

and could also explain the "steaming liquid" you spotted...

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A head gasket is used to seal the cylinder.

when you bolt the engine block together, the gasket gets compressed between the top and bototm halves of the engine and provides a near-perfect seal around each cylinder and any coolant / oil channels within the block.

If there was no gasket, the rough metal faces of the top and bottom of the engine wouldn't provide a "secure" seal, and the high-pressure gases from combusion, as well as oil and water from the pressurized channels would escape / mix.

When a head gasket goes, one of several things can occur.

Firstly, the whole engine could go kaput... not the most common outcome, but a serious loss of oil at high revolutions usually means yer pistons won't wanna move anymore ;)

However, more commonly you'll find the engine starts to overheat and use a lot more engine coolant than normal.

This is caused when the gasket around a coolant channel breaks.

Ways to test for this are looking for steam / moisture around the gasket on the outside of the engine block..

Also, check for a "mayonaise" like effect in your engine oil (You'll know it when you see it :P)

Sometimes neither of these occur and the gasket is broken between a cylinder and the coolent channels.

This can again be spotted by the high usage of engine coolant and sometimes by a very "misty" smoke from the exhaust...

As well as coolant, the gasket around the oil channels can break.

If it breaks to the cylinder, you'll get a bluey colour smoke out of the exhaust. If its quite bad, you'll also be able to smell the burning oil...

Again.. it can break between the oil and the external edge of the gasket.. look for oil dripping from the gasket area onto the engine.

Simply put.. that bit of paper is really rather important to the life of your engine :P

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