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There is a club meet on this date 12 quid to get in kids under 16 i think is free. Me and Akey (Mark ) are going along as between us we know a few of the racers. So if ya want to meet up and see some racing stick ya vote up post ya name and we can organize meet there or on the route . I will be coming up from northants so will meet up with anybody this side of leicester if ya want

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I should be going (as long as my flights get back the day before), and will try to get willow to meet us there as well.

If you've not been to mallory before its a real treat, you can get nice and close to the action and with club racing the circuit isnt packed, there is an open paddock and also the big MX course to go watch if they are racing as well.

yet another great opportunity for us to all get together and hopefully get some newbies out as well. Mallory is easy to find and I can promise, if you like racing you will love club racing at mallory.

I am also going to see if I can get some of the northwood riders to come along as well so there should be a few peeps around.

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I would seriously like to but I have a megga p**s up on the Saturday. We are reinacting the birth of my mates daughter 18 years ago, so all day session is happening. Don`t like to ride with hang over. Enjoy all

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Ok look like get ther for about 10.30 ish so leaving mine at 9.15-9.30 bout an hour me thinks so if ya want me addy pm me or if ya want to meet on route pm me and can sort out a route to suit all

Golach meet ya at bp station at kettering north bound ???????

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it's just under an hour from kettering so if you text me when your leaving your's i'll be waiting at BP for you.

no one else going, thought there would be a couple more as it's a cheap day racing

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Guest akey

OK any other southerners I should be heading up the M1 to meet yorbandit+ just off J20 so if anyone wants to hook up at the services on the way then let me know.

I am away for the next few days but will check back on sat (flights permitting).

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Sorry guys I cant make it :cry:

Roy you not thought of getting on the A5 at the earliest oppourtunity and sticking on that until you get to Hinckley then go past the Triumph factory around Hinckley to Mallory Park?

Akey your cutting it a bit fine to get there if your flying crab air :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Likewise! Good to meet you all again. Best wishes to Matt and hope there's no damage other than to pride - which should mend quickly.

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