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Two strokes!

Guest Rossi_Fan

<t>Which one?</t>  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Get a 350 or 500 2 stroke
    • Keep 750K7

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Guest Rossi_Fan

Can't get the idea out of my head.

I keep thinking about selling the 750K7 and buying one, either a RD350LC, RD500 or RG500. I need to slow down but still want fun.

As a teenager in the late 80's - early 90's all my mates had RD's, NSR's, TZR's, etc. Most went on to pass their tests and get 350LC's or Power valves. I, on the other hand, wasn't allowed a bike. Dad said I'd kill myself on one and to be fair he'd probably have been right. I had to make do with occasionally riding a mate's 125 up and down tenfoots or going pillion.

Fast forward nearly 20yrs and I still want to know what it's like to hit the band on a 350LC. I know these bikes arn't reliable, I don't have an endless supply of money and I'm not a mechanical person, but my bike is my toy and I have other forms of transport.

Is it a waste of money and I should leave this dream firmly in the past or a reasonable investment and will enjoy owning one?

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keep the 750 mate and slow down it can be done

my bike is just as quick as yours maybe even quicker once i finish playing about with it :lol:

but i have managed to slow down a lot so i dont see why you cant

if you sell up and get a 2 stoke it will be more hassle then its worth if you ask me

you have a nice bike mate keep it look after it and it will last a long time mate

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I wouldn't have a 2 stroke given :twisted:

Too fragile :idea:

You're third option ... If you want to slow down :?:

Twist the grip the other way :idea: :roll: :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Soz .. couldn't resist :lol:

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr....................don't do it :shock: had a 2 stroke as a kid.........spent more time fixing the ruddy thing than i ever did ridin it

only time to get a 2 stroke is after a jackpot win on the lottery :?

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if you want a two stroke then understand that it will spend more time in the shed than on the road, although if you wants some funds towards the smokey joe, then ill buy your 750 :D

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get one bought, in ten years time you will regret it tif you dont

They sound amazing

blow big plumes of smoke when they set off

smell really good

stand out from all the gixxer/r1/fireblades etc........

lift the front when they hit the power band

will probably appreciate in value

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Just found a 250 review in this month's fast bikes mag :)

Kawasaki KRS-1S

Hard and uncompomising, the ill motor ruined the part, otherwise gorgeous.

+ Barking when working, super quick steering.

- Too hard, lives for the track


final score- 5/10

Suzuki RGV250M

Brilliant apart from the jetting problems.The best price to performance option.

+ Handling, looks, GP credibilty.

- Badley set up carbs, sketch power delivery.


final score-7/10

Aprilia RS250

Utterly brilliant bike, which is just a few niceties short of beating the TZR.

+ Handling, motor, looks

- not a lot


final score-8/10

Yamaha TZR250-SP

Best on test, good looks, decent power, and excellent handling, make this a great 250.

+ Race cred, handling, throttle response, sexy.

- daft rearsets, still restricted


final score-9/10

After all that they still rekon the Aprilia would be the one to go for on second opinion


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Well I had a Suzuki T500 and a Kawasaki KH500 .

I also had a Honda CBR1000 FK........all at the same time.

I miss my two strokes like mad........the Kwak was ultra reliable , the Suzook blew a crankcase seal......apart from that no worries.

Always had load of folk chatting about the "good old days"

Go for it!!!

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Definately get the 2-stroke. They are a joy. And in a 500cc bike you can keep the bike in the mid-range and still get loads of speed so you will preserve engine life. If you get a 2-stroke set it up so all the power is in the mid-range that way the engine lasts ages.

And every 15,000 miles are so give the bike a top end rebuild or service it every 5000 miles to keep it in good running order and replace any parts that may become a worry. Its what I did and it was barely more expensive than 4-strokes apart from oil :?

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