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Peugeot XR6


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Right, I have alot of free time on my hands and i'm rebuilding a peugoet XR6 that has been literally been standing on its own for well over a year. Last time it was ridden it had a heavy clutch, a broken choke lever jamming it on constantly, and the thermostat is broken meaning I have to take the cylinder head off and get to it.

So far I have removed the tank, drained the engine of all fluids including coolant fluid. The tail section has been removed in preparation for a new frame. Right now I have to get the engine out. However my worst enemy the carb has to be removed first.

With no experience in removing carbs I'm a bit stuck. I can see the bolts I need to remove to get the carb off the engine but I am swapping the frame so I have to remove the linkages, choke, throttle linkages etc. I've had a go but failed quiet badly. Can anyone instruct me on how to disconnect all of the linkages. Thanks for the help.

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To be honest, I'd try to find a manual for it


Have tried, looked everywhere and can no longer be bothered waiting for one that I ordered online last week lol. I was hoping to have the engine out by the end of the day. Its just the carb which is causing me problems.

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I know less about cars than I know about women :?


Ive had that response everytime I ask lol. Its a bike (shock horror). Mine is a 100cc converted xr6 but it still has the same old engine but with a new cylinder.

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HAHA, right. Since my last post i've taken out the entire engine and the frame is ready to be taken off. Just need to sand down and respray the other one. Using the same method as I did for spraying my bikes new colour. DIY spray paint from halfords. Then I can fix the thermostat in the engine, put the new frame on with the engine put back in. New fairing kit then I can flog it. Might race it first, take it to a track. It'l easily out do any 125cc 4-stroke and restricted 125cc 2-stroke.

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