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<t>I have to pay a deposit and need to know interest/concerns. Tell me what you think.</t>  

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  1. 1. I have to pay a deposit and need to know interest/concerns. Tell me what you think.

    • All food and drink, BBQ and bed for £60 I can't believe it!
    • Too expensive
    • Interested but can't make the date
    • I'd prefer to bring my own food and drink
    • Not interested

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Are you up for an ALL-INCLUSIVE WEEKEND OF RIDING, EATING, DRINKING, BBQ AND PARTYING, in a private National Trust Basecamp?

DATE - weekend 29th to 31st August 2008?

FULLY INCLUSIVE COST is £60 + £10 refundable damage/dirty deposit per person for the entire weekend. This is inclusive of accommodation with showers, toilets and bunk beds, and separate blocks for the girls and the boys. Also included a roaring camp fire, BBQ, food and drinks including alcohol! So £60 per person plus petrol, and you are sorted for the whole weekend at this low fixed-price.

If you can only do one night the cost is £30 per person but preference will be given to people wanting to do the full weekend.

You can do as much or as little as you want, by yourself or just a few of you – totally flexible. Parties are Fri night with BBQ on Sat night. Long range weather forecast is good. Plenty of secure parking and like minded company, at a great location.

If you like your own space and sleeping under canvas you can bring your camping gear instead and still use all the facilities. Price is £54 + £10 refundable damages/dirty deposit per person for the weekend. Don’t be surprised if the noise insulation on your tent does not kick in until well after midnight :)

This camp is normally booked for the summer weekends a year in advance, but there has been a cancellation, and we have an option on the only available date until Jan 2009.

The basecamp is approx 98 miles from Washington Wetlands.

Click Here to see half the camp

I have until the 16th July to confirm and pay a non-refundable deposit, which I’ll do if I know there is enough interest. They are now holding both blocks for us, so we can cater for 36 people with the entire grounds to ourselves. If there are more than that people can camp in the grounds.

Feedback and ideas are welcome. Vegetarian diets and other needs – tell me. If you have cheap sources of stuff or good contacts let me know.

Anyone with experience of organising this type of stuff (esp. group catering), or wants an input – chirp up. The idea is to be flexible, arriving, getting up and leaving etc when it suits you, whilst having a great time.

If the above is enough information and you like surprises then read no further, just register your interest. £20 none refundable deposit secures your place, pay when you are sure you can make it, but first come first served. Tell your mates, bring your partners.

Leave a post or PM me to register your interest or ask any other questions which aren’t answered below – you’re NOT committed at this stage.

There’s so much information because this event requires a lot of planning, and I have to risk a minimum charge of £320 and sign for the camp.

DISCLAIMER – I reserve the right to alter everything and anything to ensure that there are no comebacks on me if it all goes for a bag of ratchets!

Think the best though!


Longland holds 16 people, and Acland holds 20.

At the moment we can have Longland and Acland provided I pay the none refundable deposit by the 16th July 2008.

Closer to the event it would be good to a mug shot of everyone going so we can all put a name to the face.



Arrive 4pm onwards. Just get there when you can – if you are going to be late let me know and I will ensure food is kept back. Travel alone or in groups – we can organise this closer to the event. I’ll meet you when you arrive and show you the camp and your block.

7:30 pm meet in the big room.

Then start to drink and eat, (take the chairs outside) and gather round the fire.

Laughing drinking, eating etc.

SAT 30th AUG – Brunch.

AFTERNOON (eg 1pm until 6pm) RIDEOUT – around the lakes – As individuals, one group or a group of groups. Plenty of stops to clear our heads and appreciate the scenery and get an Ice cream if desired. You can stay at camp if you want.

SAT Early evening – back to camp, changed for another night of eating, drinking and laughing with all our friends, both new and old.

9pm BBQ

SUN 30th Aug

Breakfast, chat and clean up. We have to clean the place but people are welcome to stay, clump all their gear in the communal room, have a nap, go for a walk, have something to eat and drink.


We have to pay a deposit and there are charges for damage and leaving the place a mess. We are responsible for making sure the place is in the same condition when handed back. There are also recycling wheelie bins for glass, cans and a compost bins which we will have to use.

A hand with cooking, clearing, washing up etc – many hands make light work. We are the guests and the hosts.

If nobody is up for breakfast then help yourself – wash your stuff and leave the place tidy.

Only sensible riding through the village, and to and from the camp – to avoid any complaints.


You will need to bring;

Normal bike kit

Pillow if you need one,

Sleeping bag or sheets or blankets


Washing/shaving kit

Causal clothes/trainers – Leathers will be too hot.

Sun tan lotion

Wallet for petrol but you won’t need it again for bed, food or drink.

Many mobiles work there and there is a landline.


Light rain jacket etc suitable for the forecast weather.

Insect repellent! Never needed it last time I was there but it is in the woods – the fire will keep them back.

Sensible footwear

Special water, soya milk, beers, that won't be available here etc

Your personal stuff that you like or can't live without.

Andrews, alka seltzer & paracetamol

Camera and lots of SD cards etc.

CD’s of music you like.

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Hi Vicki

I am.

I have been before and it is great.

I just need to see how much interest before I commit to the deposit.

There will be plenty to eat and drink right through. A good ride out on the Saturday and a BBQ on the night.

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Well it sounds a good weekend..... unfortunately I have me kids, so wont be able to go...

Be nice if we knew a bit more about you etc... otherwise members may be a little wary handing over money to a stranger 8)

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Being the honest sort I didn't think of that.

I'm EmmBee on a few other forums.

Done my newbie post here


I go down the wildfowl and would take deposits there where plenty of people know have been out riding with me.


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No worries....hope you get the interest it deserves.... rarely get on other forums....too busy here...so not had the pleasure lol..

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is the date wrong on this ????

the 29th is a tuesday and the 31st is the thursday :? it says weekend :?

is it supposed to be for the bank hol weekend :?

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is the date wrong on this ????

the 29th is a tuesday and the 31st is the thursday :? it says weekend :?

is it supposed to be for the bank hol weekend :?


ooops :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

was looking at my calander wrong :oops: :oops: :oops:

the dates are right :oops:

now swiftly moving on im off see ya :seeya:


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A few people can not believe their eyes that this monster event is £60, and fear a scone and can of beer buffet!

A minimum of 8 and we can take over one of the blocks, 16 and the entire camp is ours. I've been before and the place is great, and being a pyromaniac one of the few places we can gather around a camp fire.

I’m not looking to make a profit or anything so the idea is what is paid is spent on the food and drink. I am organising it. So £20 accommodation leaves £40 for food and drink in bulk. A few of us then cook and prepare stuff - it's easy. There are no staff etc and the national Trust is a charity.

My idea of food is quantity, alas there will be no Quayle or caviar - so everyone will have their fill. Drinks I'll be looking for feedback. After food all the rest will be spent on alcohol, vodka, cider, beer, etc. Some eat a lot and drink less - it all tends to balance out.

The target is to have the average adult human bloated and blasted. However, we can’t budget for freaks of nature. There will also be a fixed charge of a sense of humour.

All the stuff will be delivered to site.

If you want to bring some extra stuff there is plenty of fridge space. I guarantee that everyone will get their money's worth.

Also in case anyone is worried about handing money over or me going bust. I will take the deposits at the Wildfowl.

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is the date wrong on this ????

the 29th is a tuesday and the 31st is the thursday :? it says weekend :?

is it supposed to be for the bank hol weekend :?


No the date is right

Last Monday in Aug - 25th this year is the bank holiday.

This is 29-31st August 2008

So we will be away the weekend after. Which is the best weekend to have it due to the good, dry weather and the alignment of the planets. People attending this will return home so much happier after a rip roaring time.

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The basecamp is well out the way and fenced off. I will close the gate and bring a padlock and chain to stop gate crashers - attracted by all the laughter, excitement and camp fire.

Obviously still bring your normal disk locks and stuff.

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This is on four forums to try and ensure the numbers.

I'll just keep editing this - so keep coming back for latest "entertainers".

CONFIRMED AND READY TO PAY DEPOSIT – Total 7 4 Male and 3 Female




Miss Sparkle


Ms Wolfrunner


DEFINITELY INTERESTED MAYBEs - Total 6 5 Male and 1 Female



Paul Wilson




Edited by EmmBee
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Well, he was one of the nice guys off there....and i only met him the once at Croft BSB before he first went away... hell of nice bloke...

Tell him vicki-zx6rr from Hull said hello.... if he remembers me lol :)

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Answering PM's

If you really like the idea of this event but don't want to risk losing your deposit - don't worry.

If you pay a deposit then have to back out for "good reason", you can either find someone else to take your place or hopefully if over subscribed - I will contact people to take it.

Obviously the whole point of a deposit is for commitment, the national Trust will not give me my £100 deposit back after I have sent it - so only pay if you are pretty sure you can go.

However, interest is now increasing and I hope to fill this event. So I think I will be committing and paying a deposit for Acland block this week, with the Trust holding the other for another week, so if you do like the sound of it and want to go you risk losing a slot by holding out.

If you are one of these who sign up for anything and everything then back out t the last minute - the rest of us thank-you for the drinks :)

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Well, he was one of the nice guys off there....and i only met him the once at Croft BSB before he first went away... hell of nice bloke...

Tell him vicki-zx6rr from Hull said hello.... if he remembers me lol :)


I'll tell him - I'm sure he'll remember you and if he doesn't - I'll say he does and misses you anyway.

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Guest nastro azzurro

Got dates mixed up.... Can do this. 8)

Will see how many come from here though as i dont wanna be a ''billy'' :lol:

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