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I have a plan...... In France!!


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Hi everybody I have a hair brained idea hatching in my head and here it is....

My parents have just bought a cottage farm thingy in the North of France in Brittany and can get some cheap deals on ferries over there. So....

Who would be up for a week or so in France next summer. What I was thinking is getting a rough idea on the price of tickets at their discounted rate for a bike and also finding out what sort of rate my parents will let me pass on to all you.

I am off over there this weekend so I will get plenty of pictures and info on the area, so who would be interested in a week next summer BBQ booze and rides on the bike? Car peeps are welcome too after all where are we going to put all the cheap booze :lol:

This is only to get an idea as to whether anybody is interested thats all. Theres also plenty of room for camping also.

Right I must stop thinking where did this crazy idea come from!?!?!?!

Incidently anybody wanting to take the family over to France on holiday do pm me and I will find out if they have somewhere for you to stay. I can assure you the price will be good.

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ey up j_ase..................where abouts in brittany is the place........debs parents got property on the normandy/brittany border just south of the mont st michel.............could well meet ya if we're over at the same time

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Its a possible but wernt we supposed to be having a run to the bikers rest next year ? Ive already got a pass out for that next year :)


could stop over on way Psycho--make a break and chance for beer :lol: :lol:

--- looks like this could be TMBF Euro Trip

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What is the bikers rest???

Just done a quick price for ferries to try and give you an idea a week over in France Sunday to Sunday using the Portsmouth to Cherbourg crossing it would set a bike and pillion back £155 roughly.

Am still waiting to see what my parents are going to charge for the cottage, it sleeps 9 adults plus I think there is plenty of scope to put tents up too.....

Will keep you all posted if you want and will post a few pics up.

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