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People who been Vosges/Black Forest


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Here is the route map, its not exhaustive or definitive but be assured its a very good start for a holiday on either side of the Rhine, just back it up with a proper map that will show details and attractions. On the Vosges side look up "Route De Cretes" a 55 mile scenic route that climbs the Grand Ballon. at the top you're as high a Ben Nevis and on a clear day the Swiss Alps fill the southern horizon. A glorious sight to behold.


The emphasis on the green routes are great tarmac, curves and sightseeing. so a bit of everything and are well worth checking out. The map is simple so its easy to follow or copy over to a sat nav.   I would also suggest you look at Bestt Biking Roads for more routes in the region, if this isn't enough. In the Black Forest particularly, you can't really go wrong anywhere.. just follow your nose if you see an interesting sign. The minor roads are well worth exploring.


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On 12/04/2022 at 17:28, Smok3y666 said:

To all the people, if there are any that have been Vosges/Black Forest could you suggest a bit of a route for a 5-6 day ride there and back?


Maybe I misunderstood. Constant night shifts tends to result in not thinking straight (occasionally)

So.. could you clarify on what you are actually doing.  How much time you have. how much time you have to get from (say) Calais to the Vosges. how long you have in the region and how long you have to return.


From Stoke, I would suggest an evening ride down to the Tunnel and either stay near there overnight. or cross immediately and stay in an affordable hotel close enough to the Tunnel. in both cases so you can have an early start the next day. If you want to get to the Vosges fast, then use the Peage. If you want a slower, more scenic route.. head for Lille and then Valenciennes and from thereon, hug the border (France/belgium) east.. you'll soon be in the Ardennes and its lovely.  other than that, head directly to Luxembourg and stay in the north of the country.. and then from there head south and east. avoiding Metz towards a town with the charming name of Bitche. which is in the heart of the northern Vosges. From there its just a 50 mile (or less) ride to the Rhine and the very start of the B500.   or you could wend your way south and into the Southern Vosges..  and from there over to the southern end of the Black Forest. The much nicer part in my opinion.

If you do find yourself right near the bottom end of the BF... consider a days ride out to and from Lauterbrunnen, in Switzerland. one of the nicest places to gawp at in Western Europe.


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What I was after was a break down of getting there as it will be my first time riding in Europe. I understand perhaps riding from my home town and stopping over before the tunnel crossing which is around 250 miles. I didn't really want do that but makes sense I guess.


I have been trying to cobble together a route looking at what tour providers do or from guides on websites.


One route suggests heading down through Belgium and Luxenbourg and staying overnight in Verdun then heading to Vosges and another suggests Calais to Metz and stay over, Metz to Guebwiller and stay over then on the return Guebwiller to Metz, Metz to Calais.


I was just after finding out how experienced people who have been there would break up like a 5-6 day trip and where they would go to on each day. Like heading to Verdun sounds interesting because of all the history surrounding it.


So basically just a Day 1 Calais to wherever, Day 2 Wherever to Vosges etc....

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Im not a huge fan of northern France so tend to get that part over as fast as possible.. nor do I really like using the motorways, and I especially dislike having to pay to use them. Most years we go to the German eifel and use motorways almost as far as Luxembourg and then get onto ordinary roads and head east to the border. Its tedious but once the worst is over it gets a hell of a lot better. very quickly.


I live in a large town and so the last thing I want to do is ride to visit other large towns, give me small or medium sized villages every time.


If your goal is the Vosges to begin with... get there as fast as possible and then have a slower return.  Or as I said above hug the border once you are past Valenciennes, dipping into and out of Belgium. The further east you go the better it gets.


If its your first ever trip to Europe.. I would suggest going to the Eifel and spend a week exploring. Then if you get a taste for it, plan something more epic for next year. take 2 weeks. Head down to the south of France, the Pyrenese.


Or my personal favourite... Austria.

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15 hours ago, Gerontious said:

If its your first ever trip to Europe.. I would suggest going to the Eifel and spend a week exploring. Then if you get a taste for it, plan something more epic for next year. take 2 weeks. Head down to the south of France, the Pyrenese.


I agree with this


First trip to Europe then head for the Eifel region or similar 


All the times I have been we have sailed from Hull purely as its on my doorstep then we ride to a destination usually around 250 miles away most of the time we have headed to Cochem or Klotten and from there we have either explored that area over a long weekend or on a longer trip we have just winged it and moved on every day and just picking up hotels as we go along! sadly for me Hull is a no go now due to P&O's antics and also scrapping the ferry to Zeebrugge.


If I was planning a trip I would pick where I wanted to stay whether it be the same place for a few nights or different hotels every night then I would plan routes between each one before hand or just wing it on the day. 


There is fantastic roads galore providing you stay away from motorways and the hustle and bustle of the cities 


I would head as far as you can on the first day then maybe a little further out on the second day then wind your self back slowly over the next few days  

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