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Tips on Bike Anchor

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Probably been done a death this subject. But looking for a way to anchor a bike. Only problem is, we don't have a garage, or have any concrete flooring to fit a ground anchor. Neither can we drill into any walls or current paving. So basically, we cannot drill into anything.

What has other people done in this situation (other than move or strap two gnarly looking dogs to the front wheel)?


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I don't have any security at all. no locks. no alarm. no tracker. nothing aside from the immobiliser the bike came with.


what I rely on is secrecy.


My bike.. which is a very high risk target. is kept out of sight at all times. only on view for the seconds it takes for me to wheel it through the side gate and close it then ride away. I never leave it out front on view. AND I always have an eye on my mirrors for the final approach to my house. I highly suspect I have been followed home twice since I bought this bike and both times rode past my house and kept going until I lost them and only then returned home. The vast majority of bikes stolen from the home have been targeted because the thieves knew exactly where it was. It was spotted by the wrong person or followed home. A new strategy is to place an apple airtag on the bike and then this is used to pinpoint the bike. This is usually placed under the seat.


No security is proof against determined professional thieves. if they want it and. more importantly know where it is they will have it. Even if this includes breaking into your house first. Anything you use is only a deterrent to the casual opportunist.


If they don't know where it is. then they cannot steal it.


Obviously what you do depends on who the potential thief might be.. if its a bike that's on the shopping list for professionals. or if its viewed simply as a piece of short term entertainment for the casual opportunist. ride it and dump it brigade.

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I guess it's the Voge 125R. Not sure how attractive it is to theives. 

An alternative to a chain, an alarmed disc lock (or better, two) delivers a fair improvement in security at a reasonable cost. 

A bike cover can help too; it stops people clocking the bike - and its value - as they drive past. For the "professional", it's better business to target a known model than set to work on an unknown quantity. 

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On 17/09/2023 at 09:13, V650 said:

Half a wooden whiskey barrel 

Fill bottom half with concrete insert chain & anchor 

Fill top with dirt and a plant 


That is a brilliant idea. I have a now unused ground anchor at the front of the house, which will be a nightmare to remove. It also means the chain can be suspended off the ground.

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Once upon a time my insurer required me to have a ground anchor even though my bike is stored in a wooden shed that is sat on a patio! 

I found this. Drilled a hole in the floor, then drilled a hole in the slab underneath and then fitted this. I can’t remember if I used a sledge hammer or mallet to drive it but I still chain the bike to it to this day along with a disc lock. 

Great bit of kit for your needs. 


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If this a permanent fixture?

Is the ground your going to use even tarmac?
You can cut that out 8-12inch square (depending on the anchor size) dig about the same amount down or more if possible but taper it out slightly like a trapaziod under the layer of mac so the tarmac and concrete have tapered sides to support each other. Fill it in with cement and different stone filler in stages if you can?

if its paved just the same but lift out some of the bricks. 


if its a permanent fix then with the anchor bolts in the unit and opened up some what (splayed out) push into the crete and open the bolts some more and leave. If not then sit the anchor on the top of the final layer so its more with it (stuck) than just sat ontop with fitting it with rhe bolts afterwards . Or support the weight with sticks or bar. 

i have the oxford docking station which ive hhad for years and at the time one of the very best you could get but needs quite large space and needs quite specific chain to work of 14cm link so the bolt goes through the inner link but not to big that the outer link rubs on the plate.
Oxford beast anchor is a chonky one thats smaller than the DS but does require really big chains that can be ideally looped. 

if you for a looped one, spinner is more convenient but weaker. Outer plate are a bit flatter but wider and requires longer chain to accommodate. 
when placing make sure its easy enough for you to undo but not so easy that you trip over it every day and theres less space for scum to get at it. 
So chose your anchor wisely.


I quite liked the idea of the whiskey barrel plant pot idea, well if the barrel had whiskey still in it.🥃

Cut out part of the wood to just tight fit the anchor and duck tape the thing in place from both sides. Put some solid scap steel metal blocks or bearings in first from a engineering place, fill it just over halfway with crete and leave to set. Drill for the bolts and your done.

Fit a ever green holly plant on the top🌵


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