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mens textile pants

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i will be going shopping for some  waterproof textile pants shortly i bought some a couple of months ago supposidly 32 waist but they wern't , they didnt fit me anyway (frank thomas dusk ) so i have put them back up for sale they have been on fleabay for a while , do you think people know more than i do about this brand . so anyway i will be needing some as hopefully all this rain has got to stop as it is now april so has anyone got any ideas  ?  thanks  and by the way the pants / trousers are up for £ 45 if anyone is interested or if anyone wants to do a straight swap for a 32 waist and short leg in decent condition im up for it  thanks 






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I’d go for waterproof trousers, waterproof pants are for the incontinent 😁

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For budget trousers Frank Thomas are ok but nothing to get excited about. I've got some FT kit for the times I'm riding on local roads which are covered in mud and grit. I suspect it's the size 32 waist that limits potential buyers. Most bikers enjoy big brekkies which translates into a more generous waist measurement.

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FT are probably one of my favourite brands. They're cheap, yet some of there gear have more features than some of more expensive brands. 


As a fairly cheap, yet waterproof brand, I'd say RST, and go through the forum sponsor 

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Due to our wonderful climate, for me any gear I buy (unless it’s specifically for summer heat) must be waterproof and to guarantee that over the long term that means Goretex. For summer gear I would also pack a waterproof over layer (suit?) and this can be anything really, making such items waterproof is fairly simple without the extra technical expense. Those removable Goretex layers you sometimes see in multi-season gear are cheaper but are more prone to fail however that’s not usually the case with laminates. Unless there’s some underlying problem with the stitching and this is where the warranty comes into play either via the retailer or if that’s expired - Goretex themselves. The sales are your friend. Now is approaching the best time to buy cold weather gear for the future. With styles and so on being cleared or replaced with updated versions.

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