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Well it looks like a couple of months of hot dry weather just ain't gonna happen!!!!

I am looking at getting some thermals for under the leathers as I ain't stopping riding!!

I have looked at Knox which look pretty good to be honest, but that's pretty much all I know...

Anyone got any recommendations of other brands :?:

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I'm not convinced by the 'technical' material claims. Multiple layers of cheap thin clothing work far better than one layer of expensive hi-tech stuff.

When I was diving I wore longjohns and vests under a huggy bear and only then just felt warm enough.

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Funny you should say Para. The thermals Cold Killers sell are actually 3 layers.

I have a balaclava from them which has wind protection on the neck. It's all I use on the neck and rode early this year in cold weather without any protection on my neck apart from that and never felt anything!!

Think I will probably just end up with Cold Killers ones. Would still like input from others to let everyone know good ones. Me thinks it's going to be useful after this year!! :D :D

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I wear an EDZ undersuit all year round, but when its cold I just add thin layers.

Top tip for if you get caught out in the cold.... Tights!

Get 2 pairs an cut the feet off one of them an put a hole inbetween the legs then wear that as a under jumper and the other pair on your legs!

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That was going to be my tip Pete about the tights. My step father told me that just after I started riding. He rode bikes in the army years ago. Regardless of what folk may think, as long as it keeps you warm. :)

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I've heard of using tights before.

I wouldn't wear leathers if it was really cold!

textiles with linings in and lots of layers.

you also need to stop more often, cold makes you lose concentration!

once you're cold it's too late! :lol:

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Cold Killers are my choice, and as said, if very cold another T shirt or something over the top. I`ve also put the waterproofs over my leathers, even when dry, as this helps keep the cold wind off.

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id like to get the edz one piece, but need to know if it keeps you warm as the cold killers stuff.


I've got the EDZ 1 piece and wear it all the time, it won't keep you warm on its own, especially if your leathers are perforated :roll: but it's better than nothing. I would be interested if the cold killers perform any better. :?:

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thanks guys :)

ive seen these:


Forcefield Tornado Shirt


Knox Cold Killers Sports 2 Top

both will do the job as they are windproof

the Knox is £19.99 from the bay so may go with that, i guess i can wear it under my textile and leather jacket aswell.

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Try the coldkillers, you wont be dissapointed :D

I'm out day in day out, wear the stuff all the time, and can recommend it!


thanks mate, got the cold killer sports top

although i ordered 1 size too big but its fits ok.

will take it out for a test ride soon :)

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