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<t>Are you interested in a Biker's Bungee Day?</t>  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in a Biker's Bungee Day?

    • No - It's too high
    • Yes - to watch and take photo's
    • No - too expensive
    • No - too far for me
    • Yes - to do a cage ride
    • I can't make it on the day
    • My bladder and bowels may fail testing
    • Yes - I'll try anything once

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I thank the people who have responded and expressed an interest in doing this but....... I'm going to have to scrub it for now.

We really needed about 40 people to go ahead with this. We have around 20 who are interested.

I aim to do it in Spring next year.

Thanks again

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I see I am going to have to keep at it - nobody from here came to my BBQ weekend. I want to do something of interest :)

I used to have a little stunt bike and I used to jump out with it strapped to my arse - it was of course no use but funny.

Wait until you see the skid hang, round robin, somersaults off the cage, flip and twist on the bounce. I'm starting to get going now.

The best thing I ever did from the jumpstation was "angel diving" - using abseil rope and wearing a sit harness with a figure 8 descender attached at the back. It was totally foolish but the best rush I have ever had.

All my photo's were taken on 135mm film, so I would have to scan them. I will if there is interest, otherwise I can't be arsed.

Also there is great camaraderie as you egg each other on to get up and do it.

The philosophy of my club was not just about doing daft things, but living life to the full and discovering your potential.

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i spend every working day climbing to a height and ropoing myself in so i don't fall & bounce ... mind the falling bit dont worry me its that sudden stop at the bottom that bothers me :)

hmm i could be intrested ...

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Guest nastro azzurro

Done 4 of these when i was 21.........

Loads of fun....... :lol: 8-)

I now 14yrs later have nothing but pain in my lower back following a Discectomy.

Of course these things can't be linked though..... Can they????? :lol:

I would do another one though. Some peeple never learn eh.

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Done 4 of these when i was 21.........

Loads of fun....... :lol: 8-)

I now 14yrs later have nothing but pain in my lower back following a Discectomy.

Of course these things can't be linked though..... Can they????? :lol:

I would do another one though. Some peeple never learn eh.


LOL Nastro

You missed a BBQ great weekend. I just can;t be arsed to post the stuff people are putting up in other forums.

People ate and drank as much as they could and there was loads left. Including 2 fridges of alcohol for the next event.

I'll see how this one goes. It is a good laugh even if it's just a one off.

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Biker's Bungee Jump

Price, date and location to be sorted. It will be North East UK and the price less than market rates.

So loosely we have;

Vicki - Not sure about it - could you be a bit clearer Vicki :)

Seriously considering 10 MEN 1 WOMEN;




Nastro Azzurro








Come on girls follow Nat :). The harness is more comfortable for you lot :)

The system uses braided elastics, so you will never hit the concrete. Also you will go back attached. You can jump out head first, feet first, do a somersault etc, but on the maximum extension of the elastic you will be upright. Other systems cause head pressure, bloodshot eyes etc.

This one has you landing ready to do another one. Seriously I have seen people land and just want to start running around - before being disconnected from the kit, they are so excited. Some struggle to speak, write etc. I'm pleased to say that I have never witnessed a bladder or bowel failure.

On the day we could get lots of bikers to spur each other on. There are also cage rides where you can go up, have a good look round and watch your mates as quiet as they have ever been in their lives, you then come down inside the cage.

If you don't like heights - this is a good form of aversion therapy. The most hyped up people were the people who really thought they would never do it - but did.

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not for me thanks, in my time I have jumped out of an aeroplane, abseiled out of a helicopter and even jumped out of a hot air balloon basket!. That was quite a few years ago when I was younger, fitter, slimmer and much more foolish :lol:

fair play to you for trying to arrange these things though :lol:

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Firstly, sorry for all the information. It's just that everytime I hit a key, this small love egg of mine vibrates.

Everytime I organise something people start Pm'ng me with the same questions. also some people may not know what it is or what else will be available.

There is more to Bungee Jumping than the bounce!

When doing a bungee jump, you will go through loads of safety checks etc. All the key components are backed up in parallel (100% redundancy), every component is tested to four times the force that will ever be exerted on it (safety factor of 4). All key equipment has test certificates etc. We really aren't talking elastic bands and jubilee clips here. I like to have a joke on as much as the next bloke but on the day safety will always be first.

You will go up in the cage, reach the top and the cage will be locked in to place. Last few safety things - your static line comes off and the door is opened. You can't wait to step or jump out the cage. When you do you experience sheer freefall, then the bungee extends and slows you to a smooth stop, then launches you back up with a force of 3-4 Gs. You then reach a point at the top where you experience total weightlessness and then you do it all again.

Proposed date is weekend 4th or 5th of October 2008. Looking for feedback on which day is best - the Sat or the Sun?

Price will be on a sliding scale depending on how many pre-book. The more who pre-book, the lower the price. This event is weather dependent, I'll require everyone's email address. I will send an email on the day to confirm if it is looking too windy or wet. If it is called off we simply reschedule for the next weekend say.

We can easily do over a 100 jumpers in one day.

There may also be people from the pub who want to jump and they will be paying a higher fee so SSHHHH.

There may be a bit of waiting around but that's also part of why we're going.

When I was doing this full time in 1994 I was charging £37 per jump, and £10 for a second jump if they go straight back up. The normal price today is £50. This is not a cheap sport, the equipment is expensive, there will be a big mobile crane, staff and Insurance cover of £5 million.

On this Biker's Bungee Jump I am aiming for a price of;

£37 per jumper if we get 42. This is looking like the minimum number of jumpers needed for the event to go ahead.

£32 if we get 50

£25 if we get 62

If we get more - we'll see.

We'll sort anyone who wants to do a second jump on the day if we have time, for £10.

All weights and body shapes can do it. Sme people will not be able to jump, Back problems, history of blackouts, heart problems, pregnant etc.

I will require a NONE REFUNDABLE deposit to confirm a place and full payment two weeks before the event. If you can not come you are welcome to pass your place to a friend, relative etc - even if they are not a biker. I understand people sometimes have to drop out and I'm not looking to take money for nothing. I have to commit to the event myself. I have organised events on other sites and hang out at the Wetlands at Washington on a Wednesday night. So I'm happy to discuss it there if anyone wants to, I ride a Red GSX 600F and Revitt leathers. I'll also wear a pink pirate hat - it worked great for collecting the BBQ weekend deposits. :)

Anyone who wants to just jump on the day will have to pay a higher rate around £42-£45 at the minute. I'll try and get this lower closer to the event as I know some people who want to do it will not know their shift pattern etc. At the same time some will want to jump after seeing their mates do it :)

There will be cage rides on the day £2, you go up and come down inside the cage - though I can't see the fun myself :). You will wear a safety belt and be attached to a static line. Go up with your camera (which will be attached to a sling so it can not go overboard), take spectacular photo's at height or your mates standing in the door - which is now open with a sheer drop below :)

Tandem jumps take much longer to set up and will normally be done nearer the end of the day. Here you can jump cuddling your girlfriend, boyfriend, teddy, whoever. You will both be head first and cuddle like you have never cuddled before - agh look they're bonding.

If you don't want to jump or cage ride, but just want to come along and watch lying on the ground at all times, then you are still more than welcome. Stay for a long as you want, I'm hoping to have plenty of bikers.

It will be at a pub, there will be food, drinks (obviously you can't jump or ride pissed) and hopefully decent parking for the bikes. There will also be toilets should anyone feel the call.

If there is time we will try to do some catapulting - much milder, less frightening but great fun anyway. Look for Reverse Bungee Bahrain. That is my mate Dennis who set up a site over there for a few weeks. A little extra tension and you can pull 6G. I can't guarantee their will be time for the catapulting to go ahead.

Miss Sparkle has volunteered to be registrar.

People ride 200 miles for an ice cream, this will be a better memory and much better photo's. It will be a different type of day, even if you don't want to jump. Bring you still, video and box brownie cameras. Get them posted :)

I am a bloke - many people think I am a lass because of my writing LOL.

North East Bikers - High as Kites. Are you coming Oct 2008?

So any takers? Say if you are interested in a pre-booked, decide on day, cage ride or just turning up. I need some idea of how many may turn up. Tell your mates they may be interested.

So C U L8r


This event is aimed at bikers, there will be landlords, the public and the bungee company all having a say and some control.

I reserve the right to amend anything and everything at anytime - that just about covers it :)

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It makes my eyes water just thinking about stepping off lol. How high are talking?


That's what you want Andy - you'll be wide eyed in the door though.

Around 160 feet under the hook. It only sounds high.

I'll have to get some pictures up.

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