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unseize engine

Guest wardy-wardy-wardy

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I don't want to appear unsympathetic but why don't you bin the bloody thing and start again with something more roadworthy?

Every other post seems to be another tale of automotive woe.

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Sorry Wardy - I'm not that technically minded.

Usual advice is to drench it in WD40 or similar and keep working the lever back and forth until something gives.

Or is it possible to heat up an outer part to ease the seize?

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The best thing to do with a seized engine is to strip it. And rebuild it. How much money do you have? and how much do you love that bike? How much time?

So take the engine apart. And inspect the piston and piston rings(which will be ruined). The bore of your cylinder block will be scratch and scored.

You will want to drain the engine oil out. Replace the filter. Inspect the oil sump for debris. Flush the bottom end out. Check the oil pump.

You might be ok with the above.

You have two options.

1.Buy a new cylinder block and piston(a piston comes with rings). Check piston clearance and ring gap clearance. If it needs adjustment send the piston and cylinder block to a engineer. Tell him to match the piston to the bore. Give him the instructions that came with the piston. Buy new oil and oil filter.

2. If your bore isn't really bad on the cylinder block. Take the bike exsisting cylinder block to a engineer. Buy a new piston in +20thou or above and ask him to match it. Buy new oil and filter.

Second option is the cheaper one. Good luck and get yourself a decent manual. This bike will make a mechanic out of you yet! :)

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piston o ring, eh?

Its a gonner wardy, it needs stripping and rebuilding. It doesnt just sieze cos its a bit stuck, its siezed cos its melted a bit, and glued itself to the barrel.

Like I said, its a gonner, sorry.

Thats assuming the piston is siezed. It could be a siezed crank, or primary drive, or gearbox........

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get the fly wheel crank and a 3/8th ratchet and the right size socket for the crank and turn clock wise this will give the torque u need to turn over the engine MAKE SURE IGNITION IS OFF AND ENGINE STOP IS ENGAGED if there is 0 moton then the engine has had it, make sure you are in 2nd its easier to turn acording to my mate here. also make sure the back wheel is off the ground or you wont have much luck

also dont put WD 40 or any kind of oil like that into your engine if you do manage to get it to turn over you will just cause smoke and fire. get some 2stroke oil if the bike is a 2 and put a little inside where the spark goes

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smoke and fire......lol

You ever heard of a wet compression test. It kinda involves oil in the bores....

If the plug it out, theres very little chance of fire or smoke, and to be fair so far, Id say this motor is gonna struggle to make either.

If its that siezed wardy, strip it, its not gonna run without it.

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Was it running before it was stood for a couple of years? You really should now compleatly strip the whole entire engine and rebuild it. Put all new bearings in the bottom end. Check that the cranks isn't loose...Check the electrics. Strip the carburettor and clean it and replace if needs be. New air filter and spark plug,new battery. The bore and piston may be ok. Might get away with a decoke.

Unless you really really like this bike. Or it has sentimental value. It might just be cheaper to get another bike.

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