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motorbike cover.

Guest tony10

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looking for a realy good one but reasonably priced.

the one i brought said, heavy duty, 100% waterproof. what a pile of tosh.

it is made from a thin material that sticks to your bike when wet.

need a good thick waterproof cover thats made to last.

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Ive got an Oxford one, very happy with it.

No idea what model it is though sorry!


Another Oxford fan here. Mine has got vents in it with velcro flaps and is breathable and all that. Flourecent strips on it too for night time.

No idea what it is called though.

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I bought the Oxford Stormex 4 yrs ago (about £52 at the time I think so not gone up much) and it has been brilliant. It's lined and even in long down pours or snow/frost if you take the time to put it on properly nothing gets through.

Only negative is it is a bit heavy and unweildy but that's probably why it does as intended so well.

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right ive just put it on and it doesnt cover all the front wheel.

is this how it supposed to be?

looks like this.


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i have brought the oxford rainex. looks pretty good. see how it copes with this weather.


for all your advice people.


Good choice, that is the one I have.

The only issue I had with mine is when it is windy the wind will blow under the cover and it sometimes moves the cover a bit. What i mean by this is the front of the cover will move say, half way up the front wheel so what I have done is simply put the elasticated bit between the front tyre and the kerb that the tyre is leaning against and that holds it now.

Just had some heavy rain showers here the last couple of days and when I took the cover off between showers today it was bone dry. (The inside of the cover which is soft) is dry too.

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i had the medium size which it says is for sportbikes, but it didnt fit.

so for the honda cbr600 f sport you will need a large one.

very good cover so far. all this rain we have had over the last few days and my bike has been bone dry.

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