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jeesus this stuff is expensive

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So yeah I'm currently saving up for my first bike, thinking I'll need whatever the bike costs and some money for insurance and CBT. I thought a helmet and some gloves etc wouldnt cost that much but I've just been looking at textiles, boots and helmets and I cant believe how much its going to cost :(

Now I dont know if this is just because I am looking at the wrong stuff so I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction (e.g some kit that isnt top of the range but that is actually going to protect me)

Any good websites or brands I should know about?



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It ain't cheap stuff mate. It came as a shock to me as well!!

I would recommend Akito for clothing.. Have a look here:

http://www.everythingmotorcycle.co.uk/s ... /c_24.html

As for boots, helmets, back protectors and gloves, just surf the web and you will find some good deals eventually..... I have been doing a lot of searching for a friend lately and almost every website you go to has a "Sale" or "Clearance" section at the moment.

After that I would recommend you get yourself to the Motorbike Show in Birmingham in November.... Some good deals to be had if you look around. I got my helmet there last year which was retail price of £330 and I got it for £200.

I also got good deals on Boots and Gloves as well mate!!

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It will protect you mate. It ain't ever gonna be as good as leathers, but it will hold up in the event of a crash..... unless you are doing silly speeds.

It has CE approved armour which will be in shoulders and elbows I suspect. You should get a back protector though mate. Your spine is important!!

Good jacket though mate. I am looking at getting Akito waterproof textiles myself in the near future.

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alright cheers for the advice ;)

Yeah I've been doing a little reading and found that everyone says leathers are better at protecting you but textiles are more comfortable and just generally easier to use/maintain. I'll have to look at getting a back protector too, yet more money eh...

So are the main essential things i need to get as follows: Helmet, textile jacket, textile trousers, gloves, back protector and boots? (are boots that necessary?)

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Yeah, looks like you have the main stuff covered....

Little things should not be forgotten..... Ear plugs, balaclava (Personal preference for me but I always wear one under my lid), and probably a tinted visor for your lid....

Boots are necessary in my eyes. If the bike goes from under you suddenly you may well get a leg trapped under there. Your ankle could easily be crushed by a footpeg!!! Good protecting boots will stop such serious damage.

I know I go on about worst case scenarios, but that's what protective gear is for!!

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yeah I appreciate that lol like you say, thats basically what you buy it for - worst case scenario. Otherwise we would all ride around in shorts and a t-shirt (yeah ok maybe not in england...).

I'll add boots to my shopping list then lol

Thanks again

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When I was getting started I went to my nearest Hein Gericke store.

I got my lid, leather jacket, leather trousers, boots and gloves for around £600 ish.

Managed to haggle them down a bit by buying all the bits at once, and they through in a leather care kit, earplugs and some other little bits and bobs.

However I have also bought - scarves, buffs, more earplugs, back protector, tinted visor, lock, chain, disc lock etc etc

Then you start modifying the bike :?

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I have just ridden 300 miles some of it in seriously wet weather and I have stayed perfectly dry under an Akito Python II jacket, sprayed with tent waterproofing stuff.

My lower half is a bit 'humid' under leathers because I didn't treat them with Urad before going out.

Best of both worlds - dry and abrasion protection too.

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As mentioned, earplugs.

I am 32 and now slightly deaf due to not wearing them. Be warned.

I wear all textiles and prefer them to leathers. You can get away with wearing your jeans underneath.... makes life a bit easier if you commute etc.

Hein Gericke for me, waterproof and just proved they work in a crash.. :)

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i was always told do not place a limit of price on safety ... You may find that the only helmet that fits your securely and comfortably may cost £300 whilst thh one that costs £70 places pressure on your forehead above the eyes and distracts you all the time

buy what you can afford but if you need it spend a bit more ;)

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I think the initial kit-out is pretty expensive. My advice is buy the best what you can afford.

Once you ahve the basics, save up and replace it bit by bit for good stuff. I could recommend this stuff to start with as it does the job and is quite cheap. You do need to buy a back protector though as this jacket doesn't come with one (I didn't check when I bought it... :oops: )

At the end of the day, it's your skin and it's what its worth to you. I've seen guys riding in jeans and t-shirt... even at 30mph it's gonna be a visit to A&E...

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