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Caught Riding A Unrestricted Bike On A Restricted License


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Hey Guys

I'm new here:)

I'm just a bit curious on what the effects will be of driving a 63BHP 400CC Motorbike on a restricted license (if caught)

Because i have my test in a week or so, and i have purchased my new motorbike Kawazaki ZXR-400

I've had a few quotes of about £230 to restrict my bike, i'm just wondering if its worth while risking it without restricting it

Sucks to restrict a bike...

What do you guys think?

Thanks for taking your time to give me some advise :)

Decision After Thread Discussion :

I'm going to get my bike restricted and run it for the time required. keeping to the law, its not worth the risk, and the 2 years will fly by, afterall ive been driving a year now already and it feels like a month or two lol. so im going to keep it restricted and have something to look forward to due - When my restrictor comes out! :D

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You'll find very few people on this forum who would advocate breaking the law by riding a bike which is uninsured for you.

Your choice - do it if you really think you're good enough to fool a traffic cop, but save up lots of money for the fine and your bus fare if you do get caught.

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As others have said it will invalidate your insurance so effectively you will be driving without insurance, AS WELL AS driving otherwise in accordance with your driving licence. Both of which could lead to a driving ban, a hefty fine and possibly a prison sentence.

Not to mention, if you don't have your full licence, a qualified instructor has not assessed your riding and you may be a danger to yourself and other road users. Who knows what could happen.

It's not worth it!

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Guest philgale

if you stack it your not insured, so if you cause damage to someone in the event of a crash then its you who will have to pay the compensation and pay for the other persons car/bike to be fixed and pay for anything else on top of a hefty fine more than likely banned from riding/driving poss jail sentence and criminal record....

try getting a job with a criminal record.....good luck.....so risking it has now lost you your job and making it very difficult to get another job....

worth ruining your life over.......nope i dont think so

if you really want a 400 bike if your over 21 do full test not A2 if not get it restricted....

**who are the 2 people who said risk it.....and why would you risk it?

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Be a shame to lose your licence so soon after putting all that money and effort into getting it.

You're restricted for two years right?

The insurance companies take a dim view of driving/riding uninsured, and have long memories.

Also your bike may be impounded and crushed. Then a ban and a fine.

I take it that you are a young person having to go the restricted route as DAS was not available to you.

Get the bike restricted. Moving from 11bhp to 33bhp is quite a jump.

Take your time. Learn your roadcraft. With a bit of luck and good judgment you'll be doing this for a very long time.

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Interesting how this should come up.

Was speaking to a mechanic today that i know:

He told me that its the certificate that matters - and that if you unrestrict it afterwards they'll never know, even if you have an accident.

Anyways, he's never heard of anybody who's actually been caught...

The guy gave me a very strong impression that no one ever checks, so long as you've got a certificate 'proving' its got the restrictor in....

Anyone got any real clarification on this? It's more an academic exercise for me though, i'm too well behaved to actually do it myself :(

Disclaimer: I'm not condoning riding unrestricted on a restricted license. It's illegal. And i'm sure there is good reason it's not allowed (Not that i've found that reason out yet :wink: )

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Upshot is - if you never get caught doing anything wrong then you get away with it - drink driving, taking drugs, stabbing your partner, shooting the Prime Minister..............

Does it make it right?

Like it or not, the restriction based on age, is based on likelyhood of that age group being involved in fatal/serious crashes.

........Or ability (A1/A2 licence)

And as for never getting caught - people do, and then face a lifetime of being, as I said before, uninsurable, banned etc.

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The police only have to look at your licence and the bike details to realise the bhp does not match the licence bike cat then they will inspect the bike to see if it has been restricted or not........ i hate people who think its ok to do such things as they think it will never happen to them :evil: :evil: :evil:

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the people (and poll) have spoken! (polls cant really talk)

let the insurance saving, prison sentance avoiding,license saving, life saving, money saving, criminal record saving, job saving restriction begin!! :D

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i really appreciate the feedback

i'm really going to take this feedback into account as everyone here has such an amazingly shared experience on bikes

Due to this thread. i'm going to get the bike restricted and obide by the law for the 2 years

and atleast i have somethnig to look forward to, after taking my restrictor out it will be like a new bike :)

thanks alot, and your right.

it is DEFINATELY not worth the risk considering how easy it is to be checked nowadays (type in license plate + see everything about me)

thanks alot for the feedback :)

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i really appreciate the feedback

Due to this thread. i'm going to get the bike restricted and obide by the law for the 2 years

and atleast i have somethnig to look forward to, after taking my restrictor out it will be like a new bike :)



That's the spirit, think of it as something to work towards :)

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wow alot of feedback so fast

i REALLY do appreciate the support you are giving me, even to someone as new as me to the forums

it is really nice to have this kind of support with people who have the real experience and knowledge of motorbikes.

ill keep you all informed on hows its going and i'd love to keep in touch with you all, you are a REAL community, which is hard to find nowadays.

thanks for your time and consideration.

i really do take your opinion into account, afterall you are the experienced riders

and yes, as you said, its something to work to :)

thanks guys and girls! :)

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The ZXR 400 is an awesome bike, you'll not find it lacking in the corners and as said before 33bhp wont strangle it too much either. I don't think you'll feel its under powered :)

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