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Suzuki GS 500 Instrument Cluster doesn't light up


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Hi all, just noticed this - only just bought it tonight but it appears that both the rev gauge and the speedometer do not light up.

Dont know why i didn't check when i got it -

I've found what appears to be 'the main fuse' under the seat - however if i take it out (looks okay to me) it doesn't seem to do anything different (i.e. the headlight / lighs seem fine although never attempted to start so maybe goes to the ignition).

Is there likely to be another fuse somewhere else? wouldn't suspect a bulb issue because it is both clusters which aren't lighting up.

anyone know this bike?



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there will be seperate fuses, somewhere! :lol:

instrument lights will work off 2 or 3 small "p" lamps pushed into the cluster somewhere and may well be in series, so if 1 doesn't work none of them will.

craig who posts on here had the same problem with his old bike, i'll see if i can find the thread later, or just look in pitstop

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I doubt there will be a fuse just for the instrument lights,(i could be wrong, i often am) so if everything else is working it's not a fuse.

I would attempt to find the little lamps, they'll push into the back or side of the clocks somewhere, then investigate them and their wiring, good luck! :lol:

have you got a manual?

if not see if you can find free on-line 1 in guides and manuals section :lol:

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Yeah they don't look like bulb fittings atall from the back, it'll be a couple of wires running in to a rubber bung. The bung might look pretty perminent give it a squeeze with your fingers or some plyers and it will pop out revealing a small bulb pushed in the other side.

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generally cluster lamps work off sidelights circuit ... so if the sidelights work ( sidelights on a bike ffs why not end lights lol)

then chances are as mentioned its the bulbs or a dodgy connection corroded etc

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cheers guys - it was the bulbs.

for future ref incase anyone else has same issue. Both dials have only one very small bulb in each.

you need to unscrew two nuts and the cable (Rev / Speed cable) from each unit.

the Rev gauge will come out and you will spot the wire disapearing into a rubber bung. pull on the rubber and hey presto out comes your bulb.

replace but before re attaching the unit unscrew the grey surround as the Speedo Dial has that little trip count reset 'thing' on the side. I just un screwed the surround (3 x phillips screws) and repeated same there.

I found the bulbs in my local shell garage! very strange i thought seen as they were so small and wierd!.

Also tonight topped up the oil (first time) got half a litre in before it went to Full.

All in all - good night

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