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Any tips for changing exhaust gaskets?


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The exhaust on my GPZ is blowing where it connects to the engine block, which I think is due to the gaskets needing replacing (I checked doing the old 'hands over the ends of both exhausts' thing to see where it caused a blow).

I've got the new gaskets, but is there anything else I need to consider / do? I've seen a mention of gasket paste somewhere?

I've got a Haynes manual on the way, but need to get on with this job as I have a ride to do before the Haynes gets here.

Any help most appreciated.



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try and undo nuts when the engine is warm/hot ( but be careful not to you burn yourself ) as this will help if nuts are a bit resistive ..

remove belly pan by undoing 4 bolts (2 top at front 2 underneath at rear of pan)

Try the nuts first and see if they will undo easilyDO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE IF THEY DONT MOVE as this can cause them to snap the studs.... if they are solid apply wd40 or other similar penetrating oil and leave for short period of time to soak in and retry again not going mad on it if they do start to move but tight apply more oil and rock the nut ( turn one way then other until it frees and undo using oil again if needed ...

you will have to undo rear silencer mounts loosely to give the exhaust pipes movement

if nuts dont undo its a case of try more oil etc or place a smaller sized socket that sits on the face of the nut or a piece of solid tubing ( to cover the threads ) hit the socket with hammer with a good amount of force ( not silly force but a good few taps ) this may loosen the bind of nut to stud)

remove the old gaskets and clean the faces of the barrel and manifold ( wire brush ) but if using wire brush stick some tissueinto the barrels ( engine) outlet to stop small bits of wire entering the engine and same to the exhaust manifold ...

insertt new gaskets

tighten bolts but give them a good oiling and tighten sequentially ( one firts a bit then other etc ) unti tight and then just apply a little bit more torque just to make sure ( not to much you dont want to snap it now lol )

do up the rear silencer mounts

Test for leaks

Start engine

leave to run for a few minutes

listen to the joints

place rag over exhaust outlet and seal the gap and listen for any leaks ( do to both )

if a leak is present try undoing the nuts and silencer nuts and check gasket sitting correctly )

re attach belly pan

hope this helps

i never used gasket paste with my gaskets but it may be beneficial just to gibve a small coating of it to the rings

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you may find the new gaskets keep dropping out when trying to fit them....apply a little vaseline to the gaskets, this will help them stay in place....when the bike runs the petroleum jelly will simply melt away leaving no ill effects :D

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