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49cc-125cc L plate meet 4/10/08


<t>Would you come to an L plate meet?</t>  

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  1. 1. Would you come to an L plate meet?

    • Yes L plated Moped (49cc +)
    • Yes L Plated Motorbike (49cc +)
    • No L Plated Motorbike (49cc +)
    • No L plated Moped (49cc +)
    • Yes Non L Plate Moped/Motorbike

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just an idea now for a meet L platers unite 49cc to 125cc and others welcome also.

would be nice for us L platers to go for a run somewhere in the middle of the UK as then its not to bad for all of slow runners to meet up go for a jolly and then go home again or camp?

the idea is so that other people who are put off by meets because they have L plates can get an idea what they are missing i would ask a mod/admin or 2 come to and others if they wish to ride slow give advice and meet new people.

let me know anyway and post where you are from so if it does go ahead (around 10 people with L plates is a good number) and i will set a date

PS mopeds and motorbikes


sorry to sound like im speaking down on you but if you are under 18 please ask your mum/dad/gardian just so they dont get mad at us lol and also make sure your bike is checked remember


Petrol (you got enough)

Oil (full and good)

Water/Other fluids

Drive (chain, belt shaft)

Electrics (all your lights work)

Rubber: are your tyres pumped and legal (1mm Min on a bike/moped!)

**edit PG to add registration and add date to title**

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you could always do matlock baths ,cat & fiddle, as that is within the 60miles distance from nottingham and brum area, leeds , ...

and if its possible i will attend may not have any great riding advice to share but the offer is there

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Think your gonna be hard pushed to include everyone... and have to look at your local area... 60mile radius of...

Others my decide follow your lead and arrange their own nearer to where they live :D

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good idea was also thinking of the london boys and girls lol


as you say its hard to find a central point that is within an easy few hours ride to suit everyone .... or you could liase with other Lplaters and alternate venues so that its not always the southerners riding up north to meet up etc /base it over a weekend so that its not all done in one day just try to make it enjoyable as possible and try to organise it so that people who are coming can meet up en route and group ride to the location

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Happy to come to anything. If you want to organise a route up to the C&F or even just Matlock it will be easy. Happy to act as sweeper, leader...


I've got no problems from our end as well for the same

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to be honest think we should allow anyone to come to it but would be great for aload of us 50cc/ 125cc'ers to meet.

anyhow if its within an hour distance of me im more then willing to come :D

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ok the date is set to 4/10/08 on that route above so if everyone is up for it let me know via pm or here


i would start a seperate thread with all the relevant details on it so that it is all in one place

( ps cant beleive your missing out the cat and fiddle :shock: )

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